Tips and Tricks on How to Plan The Perfect Destination Wedding

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Destination weddings are ceremonies that are typically held outside the couple’s home state. These weddings, which require some travel for everyone invited, usually bring people together in a beautiful location and are perfect for couples who want a more laidback ceremony.

However, destination weddings are not the easier way out. Without any proper planning, organizing a wedding in a distant location can become difficult. Wedding planners and professionals would advise you to start planning as far back as 12 to 18 months before your big day.

Use that period to set a budget by speaking to various vendors to get an idea of how much you want to spend and save towards it. Identify who is going to be a member of your wedding party, especially if you plan on having any. If possible, take a trip to your destination to explore possible venues and book in advance if they are high in demand.

In 6-9 months, ensure that you finalize all bookings with your vendors, select your wedding party’s wear, and have a clearly detailed plan of how your big day would go. Check all travel arrangements and make bookings with hotels. You can also decide to get a home rental like the Carolina Designs Event Homes that come fully equipped with the right amenities.

As the time draws nearer, especially within the last three months, finalize your guest list, send out your invitations, and complete all reservations and payments to vendors. With less than a week to your wedding, pack for your travels and make sure you have an emergency kit.

The attached infographic is a more detailed guide on the best way to plan your destination wedding. With these plans in place, you will be set to have a fantastic wedding ceremony!

Infographic Design By Carolina Designs Event Homes

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