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He has popped the question! Let the good times commence! The engagement period is a time to further bond, learn more about your significant other and ultimately confirm that the commitment you’ve made is truly the right choice. I hope you are firmly convinced of the bond you have with your future spouse long before the wedding arrives, the engagement period offers a great opportunity to further cement that bond.  Not sure what the heck to choose? We hope this list will give you some ideas.

1. A Classic Watch

Jewelery is always a tricky gift – different people have different styles and even different opinions on the dynamic of flaunting their net worth. One piece of jewellery stands out above the rest in terms of functionality and appeal: Classic Watches. A classic watch not only makes a great investment but it is a piece of jewellery that can be passed down from generation to generation.  It is something that is worn every single day and will never be far from your new fiance. Choose a chronograph watch with a classic movement,  a  pre owned Rolex watch makes a good choice, one of the most recognised and prestigious brands, you can’t go far wrong with a Rolex! Don’t you think a new or pre owned watch is also the perfect engagement gift in terms of its symbolism? After all, tTime is truly a measurement and test of the commitment and love that two people share.


2. A Fresh Take on the Family Tree

The commitment of marriage involves intertwining two separate families into one new one. What better way to show both appreciation and the scale of the commitment than by giving your fiancé a new family tree? There are many services out there that offer framed family tree designs for couples. One example is the FreshRetro Gallery Family Tree Chart, which can go back six generations on both sides and clearly illustrates each branch in a literal tree-like format. While you may plan to grow your family in the near future, remembering just how far both of you have come can be a great reminder of the commitment you’re making.

3. A New TV

You might think this is a little cray cray but hear us out!  Buying a TV for your fiance is not unheard of. Make it romantic by pre-loading your favourite movies and series.  Game Of Thrones Marathon here we come. With a plethora of new, smart televisions available on the market, this gift may be just the thing to impress your fiancé and create some cozy nights in for the two of you.  As prices continue to decline, even a modestly-priced smart television provides ample functionality, integration with other key devices and a crystal clear picture quality – (you can even pretend to know all of these phrases as your husband stands back in awe at his tech savvy finance).

4. A Great Sports-related Gift

If you’re looking to purchase something for your athletic fiancé that will provide lasting enjoyment in the great outdoors, then you may want to consider one of many sports-themed gifts. Some common examples of great sports engagement gifts include a new set of golf clubs, personalized NFL jerseys, or a new basketball goal outside of the garage. Gifts like these can be those that keep on giving, as it’ll provide your fiancé with a chance to exercise, get out of the house for a bit on occasion and have fun with friends.

5. Something Both of You Can Enjoy

If you’ve made it this far, then there’s a good chance you have plenty in common. What hobbies, past-times or activities do the both of you enjoy? Rather than making an engagement gift all about one person, you could instead opt to buy a gift that the both of you can enjoy. From two-person kayaks to season tickets to your favoritespectator event, there are plenty of possibilities. Even better is if you can incorporate the gift’s meaning into something greater (for instance, the first place you met or your favorite venue). 

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