Tips For Choosing A Mattress and Achieve Your Best Sleep

Buying a good mattress is one of the most important investments you can make in life. We sleep for a third of our lives after all, so it is essential to be comfortable during that time. What one person defines as a high-quality mattress will differ from another person’s definition. A bad bed can be detrimental to your health. Read ahead to see what type of mattress will fit you best.

What are the Different Types of Mattresses?

No two mattresses are created alike. Each mattress brand creates mattresses to cater to different types of consumers with a variety of sleeping habits.


By Strength

Strength refers to the firmness of a mattress. The relative firmness of a mattress is judged on an increasing scale with lower numbers referring to softer mattresses and higher numbers referring to harder mattresses. 


Mattresses ranging from two to three are the softest options available, while mattresses ranked seven to nine are the firmest mattresses available. In general, medium-strength mattresses (ranked four to six) are the most flexible mattresses to a variety of body types and sleeping habits.


Firmer mattresses are better for heavier adults, who weigh above 230 pounds. These sleepers have a more difficult time getting out of bed and can often slump into an uncomfortable and unhealthy position on softer mattresses.


By Size

Another important factor when determining what mattress to choose is the size of the mattress. Obviously, larger people have a more comfortable time sleeping on a bigger mattress. Smaller mattress sizes also generally offer less strength and type options.


Mattresses generally come in six sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. 


Queen, king, and California king sizes are the best mattresses for couples, due to its greater width and length. Children often sleep on twin or twin XL mattresses.



People don’t often realize how intricate mattresses are designed. It is difficult to explain how each of the five major types of mattresses are made and who they are specifically made for, so it is important to look at additional guides more catered to teaching you about a mattress for your specific sleeping habits.


Foam mattresses are good options for side sleepers and couples. Memory foam mattresses are built to contort and support your back while sleeping.


An innerspring mattress is the best choice for a budget shopper. This mattress is built on springs with a few solid layers.


Hybrid mattresses are made up of either foam or latex, and also use springs. This type of mattress has low heat retention and is balanced for all sorts of sleepers, depending on the brand.


Latex mattresses are made up of rubber. This mattress is meant to last for a long time and is for eco friendly customers.


Lastly, airbeds are a great option for couples because different sides of the bed can be adjusted to different firmness levels.


How Do You Sleep?


Mattresses are made with the intention of people sleeping in a certain way. Most people have sleeping habits they cannot break, so it is important to research which mattresses are made for your sleep position. 


Back sleepers enjoy a medium-firm to firm mattress, and should avoid soft mattresses entirely.


Side sleepers get the best rest on medium mattresses, which offer relief to pressure points and don’t harm body alignment. 


Stomach sleepers generally enjoy firm mattresses to take pressure away from their spine.


Tips to Help You Sleep Better 


If you are going to nap, sleep for 20 minutes. According to the Polyphasic Society, a 20 minute nap is all you need to revitalize yourself for the workday. 


When purchasing a mattress, you should also always test it out in person for about 15 minutes per mattress to see how your back adjusts.


In-person purchasing also gives you more pricing options and allows you to test other mattresses and discuss personal sleeping habits with a sales representative, who will give additional professional advice.



The most important factors to judge any mattress purchase on is your sleeping position and your health conditions. Remember to always speak to a sales representative at your local mattress store to help you choose the best option for you. 


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