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8 Tips for Moving Abroad

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Moving to a different country is a brilliant, exciting and sometimes terrifying adventure. Beyond the basics like getting a passport, deciding where to go and booking a flight, there is a whole lot to get sorted before you step onto a plane. For that reason, I’ve created a list of 8 tips for moving abroad: 


1. Do Your Research

So, you know where you’re going, but do you know what their medical system is like or where’s the safest area to live? Researching, asking around to see if friends of friends have any contacts in the area and checking out social media – they’re all great ways to get a feel for the place. 


2. Start Saving ASAP

Make sure you have at least two months living expenses saved up as a safety net. It’s important that you have the funds as a fallback option, so if anything does go wrong, you can pay your bills and head back home if you need to. There are great apps that can help you save money without you even noticing. 


3. Secure a Visa 

There’s no point throwing a going away party if you find out at the border that you needed to apply for a visa 6 months ago. Visas can be complex to obtain, so do your research thoroughly. If you need assistance, reach out to London based immigration lawyers to help you take the next step. 


4. Be Flexible 

Moving to a new location can take time, and there can be delays along the way. Remaining patient and taking everything in your stride is the easiest way to prepare to move. Remember: good things take time. 


5.  Consider Notifying Your Government 

If you plan to vote while living abroad, you’ll have to let your local government know. Also it’s good to get in touch with the American embassy once you get to your new location. In addition to providing you with tips and advice, they can also help keep you safe if you end up in a bind.


6. Let Your Bank Know

Let your bank know that you’re off, so they don’t immediately think your credit card has been stolen and to ensure they’re able to assist you while you’re away. Some online banks, such as Monzo are great for traveling abroad. 


7. Familiarize Yourself Regarding Local Traditions In Your Destination Country

It’s very important to understand the traditions, history and customs of the culture that you will be stepping into. It’s important to make sure you make a smooth transition and will stand you in good stead when you do arrive. When moving abroad, acclimating to the local culture is imperative.


8. Join A Community  

If you don’t have a social group to join when you arrive, then consider joining groups (online before you arrive) and in the local community. Find things you like to do and join classes, gyms or just strike up conversations in cafes. 


Deciding to move abroad is a big decision, but it’s an excellent opportunity to learn about a new place and about yourself. Hopefully, you’ll find these tips helpful – bon voyage! 


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