Tips for The Ultimate Urban Wedding

One of the biggest days of your life will be your wedding day. Meeting someone that makes you want to be better, that you can see yourself having children with and that you simply cannot live without, is one of the most wonderful things in the world. It’s only natural that when we find this person, we want to celebrate it. 


Today weddings are a big business from eco-weddings to big, bold themed occasions. There are so many people pushing the boundaries of tradition and celebrating their love in new, diverse and fabulous ways. So choosing a setting for your big day is really exciting. 


Urban weddings have become really popular, especially amongst millennials. You can see why, with cities all over the world offering exciting venues, simple travel options for guests and plenty of hotels so everyone can enjoy the party late into the night. Planning an urban wedding means you can have a day that is as unique and fabulous as you are! But where do you start and how do you get the most out of your wedding day?


First on the list is to choose a venue. You should do this before you send out any invitations or save the date cards. An excellent option for an urban wedding is a warehouse venue. This offers you a completely blank canvas and is a great way of making use of many of the city’s lower-priced spaces. If you have a creative mind but aren’t very good at delivering your creativity, then you might want to work with a wedding planner. They can take your vision, no matter how extreme, and turn it into a reality. Your wedding should really showcase your personality. It is a celebration of the love of two people. So whatever makes you feel proud, should reflect in the space you choose to tie the knot. 


You could also consider some of the fantastic buildings that cities have to offer. Famous places which can provide all the drama you want without you having to get too creative yourself. This could leave you with the ability to have a far more straightforward ceremony, as the main impact comes from the scenery around your wedding. 


Once you have chosen a venue and a date, you can start working on your guest list. If you have a theme in mind, you should see that through all the elements of your wedding. For example, if you are opting for a timeless wedding, then choose elegant wedding invitations. Many people will want to send a save the date card before invitations going out. This allows everyone to clear the day, lives get very busy, and some people may choose to take time off work to be at your big day. So give them as much notice as possible. 


Working out your guest list can sometimes involve compromising. So you need to sit with your partner and really consider everyone’s wants and needs. If you are having a small ceremony, then it’s essential to choose who will attend carefully. It can be quite political if you invite one aunt and not the other! Just remember that the wedding is about you and your fiancee. It’s not about demanding relatives or needy friends. You should share your special day with the people who are happy for you regardless of where they are sitting or how much of the day they got to share with you. 


Styling your wedding is when things start to get really fun. You should create a mood board and do lots of research, getting inspiration from social media or even from your friends’ weddings. Choosing a wedding stylist will really help your big day deliver. So when you work out your budget, it might be worth factoring in someone that can take on all the creative work and bring your vision to life. This will leave you to focus on the finer elements, such as making sure you don’t forget the rings or your wedding vows! 


Although the ceremony is all about you and your partner, let’s face it, the guests are all about the party and the food. The set up of your reception and wedding breakfast is an essential part of the urban wedding. Keep it edgy but straightforward, and you will have the impact you want. Wooden tables and making use of the architecture of your venue will create a stunning visual effect. Dressing the room should be done using a variety of textures and sizes. You need to have plenty of contrasts to give your venue the ultimate definition. You can get really creative with your set design by adding some bespoke pieces such as 6ft letter lights which represent your initials or spell the word love. 


An urban wedding is a great place to showcase craft breweries and even to opt for a street food vibe. Depending on the location you have chosen, you could bring in some local businesses and ask them to provide food. Even if this means some quirky food vans on-site to give your guests that festival feeling. Street food and soul food have the same impact on people. They are foods which are a pleasure to eat, bring happiness and make us all come together. This can be far better for an urban wedding than a traditional sit-down affair. It also gives your guests the option to eat when and how often they want. With conventional meals, some guests get more food than they would like and others, not nearly enough. Some people would adore an endless supply of food available to them throughout the night. 


You can also use local companies for your bar. There are multiple craft breweries or gin distilleries around big cities. So why not use your local suppliers to keep your guests happy. You might find that you get a better deal as you are promoting a local company. Although you should consider supply and demand. If you work with a tiny brewery, they may not be able to supply as much beer as you would like for your guests and one of the worst things you can do at a wedding is run out of alcohol! 


There is a saying, if music be the food of love, play on! Music and love have gone hand in hand since the dawn of time, so it makes sense this is an essential element at most weddings. From the background music played through your dinner, to the party at the end of your night. You need to know you have everything covered. 


Live music is always a great way of getting people up and dancing. One great way of giving your background music a modern twist is having a harpist that plays contemporary music. This is great to have through your meal as it isn’t too imposing and people can still talk, however, your guests will occasionally hear songs they know. A harp playing a little black sabbath sounds fantastic! Your main band or DJ should be someone that really makes you want to get up and dance. You could approach a group that you have seen already, or you could ask some local bands to send you links to their sets. YouTube is an excellent resource for finding the right musicians to get your guests up on their feet and dancing. You should also consider the songs you want to be played. Although there should be a setlist with songs that mean a lot to you and your friends and family, there should also be a variety of songs that everyone knows. Even the most cheesy tunes can be useful – especially the ones renowned for getting dads up on the dancefloor. Remember that your wedding will have a mixture of ages so you should consider a setlist with something for everyone. Even if it is just a song or two. 


Finally, your dress code. Something about the city screams sartorial elegance. Most of those who work in the big city dress up in suits or sharp dresses. Those who don’t work in large towns often get dressed up to go there! So make your dress code for the wedding sharp! Alternatively, if most of your guests dress up for work every day, then you may want to go for a really relaxed theme at your wedding. Either way, edgy is the order of the day for a true urban wedding. So make a decision, let your guests know and then wait and see what fashion and style they bring to the big day! 


As well as a photographer, you should also consider having disposable cameras on the table. Ask your guests to snap away and then leave them with you to have printed out. It’s a very personal way of experiencing your wedding through the eyes of your nearest and dearest! You might discover some exciting moments that happened, which could lead to some hilarious memories when you get back from your honeymoon. 

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