Tips on Figuring Out Your Life

When you’re young, you expect that, by the time you’re 20, 25, 30, or 40, you’ll have your life figured out. It doesn’t take a genius to tell you that, for the most part, this isn’t always the case. It’s not that you haven’t wanted to figure your life out, you have. The problem has been that life has kept putting up blocks, throwing down obstacles, and whenever you felt you were finally on the road to getting it right, something else came along to throw you off course. 


But now, you are confident that you are ready to get your life in order. You’ve finally gotten over the nonsense that comes with paying your dues (even if you felt prepared many years ago). You’ve saved up enough, you’re over the Weekend Warrior lifestyle and instead want to enjoy your home, tend to your plants, and get through the To-Be-Read pile, finally.  


But just because you feel ready doesn’t mean you know what you need to do. Luckily, you’re not alone, so here is the ultimate guide to how you can figure your life out, get it together, and what to do once you’ve managed to do it. 


Where to Live?


A lot of things can impact where you decide to live. You may want to stay in the city for your career and where all the opportunities are. Conversely, there’s the option of the suburbs, where life slows down, and you’ve more space to sit and chill and breathe. 


There’s always some serious consideration about whether the suburbs or the city is right, but it’s not just about what you prefer. You must also think about affordability, with mortgage loans versus rental prices, taxes, the cost of living, and more.  


The beauty of deciding which location is best for you is that you can finally feel settled. Rather than thinking about your next home, you’re now in a place you plan to live in for as long as you can. 


What to Do?


Your career is another thing that determines the level at which you’ve figured out life. After leaving school or graduating from university, you’re expected to get a job, but this job is not one you plan to work in forever. 


So, what’s the next step for this? The lucky ones will get involved in an industry immediately, even if they start at the bottom of the pyramid. With enough hard work, they get promoted, move on up, and finally reach the level where they’re settled in their career.


For those who got a job just so they could survive, though, it’s not that easy. Some grow into these jobs, but others are always wondering about what else they could do, and if this sounds familiar, a career change, if possible, could be what it takes to figure life out. 


How to Relax? 


Life shouldn’t be all about work, however. You also need to find time to relax, unwind, and refresh. Too many people focus too much on work that they lose sight of what they love to do in their spare time, and by the time they get a break, they don’t know what to do. 


It’s vital to keep doing whatever you love doing, whether that’s playing an instrument, exercising, drawing, writing, or playing video games. Other people may consider it as time wasted, but as long as you’re enjoying yourself, there’s nothing wasteful about it. 


We all need an opportunity to relax, otherwise what else would we do other than work? Finding, or returning to, your hobbies and passions will help make life a little easier to understand. 


Finding Something New?


You can’t always stick to one lane, though, and with so much available to you in life, there’s always more room to explore. From trying something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the chance, to trying something you never even knew existed, there’s always something out there. 


Often, you never know how much fun something is until you try it. So, if you’ve ever dismissed certain activities as being not for you, perhaps it’s time to give them another shot. Not only will this provide you with confirmation whether something is for you or not, but it could also introduce you to experiences you would never have encountered if you’d stayed in your lane. 


Keeping Friends


As we grow older, our friendship circles dwindle. It’s a sad but inevitable fact of adulthood. People move away; they fall out of contact; they become far too busy to hang out, even for a few hours. But adulthood is one of the times where you need the support of your friends more than ever. 


As everyone is so busy, you can’t barge in unannounced like you’re a supporting character on a 90s sitcom, but reaching out, asking how they are, and understanding that you don’t need to speak for hours at a time will at least keep the threads of friendship healthy.


This way, you can keep up to date with everyone more organically than the occasional Instagram update and support them from afar. When you’re trying to figure life out, knowing that your friends are there and kicking butt too will help give you the motivation you need. 


Making Friends


You can’t rest on the laurels of existing friends, but as you won’t be able to reach out to them all the time, new friends are crucial for maintaining a healthy social life wherever you live. 


If you’ve already explored new hobbies and activities, including traveling solo, you’ve likely met plenty of like-minded people you consider friends. Even if you’ve not gotten involved in new communities, friends from work, the gym, and more can help anchor you and stop you floating away into an abyss of loneliness. 


It’s vital to meet new people and expand your social circle. Otherwise, you end up going around and around with people who you’ve always hung out with, and while this is fun, it’s not always ideal for personal growth. 


Sorting Out Your Debt


While a lot of getting life figured out is all about fun, excitement, and feeling positive about the future, there is also the kind of scary, kind of boring issue of your finances. 


In youth, money is spent frivolously. The thought of saving rarely crosses most people’s minds. Even though this makes youth fun, it also comes back to bite you once you’re trying to figure life out. 


Fixing your debt, whether credit card, student, or bank loans, is never fun, and it means a lot of nights inside to ensure you can afford your monthly payments. Still, being free from debt is liberating, and it will help you to start planning your future with more clarity, something that is always vital when figuring life out.  


Excuses, Excuses


It’s always someone else’s fault, at least for some people. Complaining and laying the blame won’t ever do any good. The only person you can blame for not yet being prepared for the rest of your life is yourself. 


It’s a bitter truth, but it’s not one that should make you feel bad. Just like not being serious about your finances, you’re allowed to enjoy yourself while growing up and figuring out exactly who you are. Otherwise, your memories wouldn’t be more than a bedroom wall. 


If you’re hoping to figure your life out, it’s time to stop with the excuses. It’s time to own up to anything that has put you in this position. You’re the one responsible for getting to grips with the rest of your life, and with the right attitude, that’s precisely what you can do, and with it, you’ll reap the benefits. 


Taking Your Next Step


Figuring out the next step in your life will help you plan everything much better. The future can be scary, and even if you’ve managed to figure life out to this point, there’s still a long way to0 go. 


It’s never easy to make plans for what comes next, but you know enough about yourself right now to recognize where your priorities lie. You want to find a balance between ambition and conversationism, without selling yourself short or giving yourself unattainable goals. Don’t expect to be winning the Best Picture Academy Award within three years, for example. 


Having this plan down on paper, rather than in your head, will help you gauge your progress as time goes on. However, it’s okay if you’re not running parallel with your goals, as long as you’re moving forward, however that is, you’re managing to figure life out one step at a time. 


Life: Figured Out


Figuring life out isn’t something that comes immediately, but instead, it requires several blocks built on top of several other blocks until you have a strong, robust structure that you can be proud of. The beauty of figuring life out is that you realize that it’s impossible to figure it all out. What you can hope for, though, is that you’re happy with everything you have and are no longer worrying about paying bills, not achieving what you wanted to do, and you can chill with your partner, kids, and pets and be happy.  

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