Tips on Hot Tub Maintenance

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There is an awful lot that needs to be considered when buying hot tubs, including everything from efficiency to size. However, one factor that a lot of people overlook is the maintenance of the hot tub. This is something you need to bear in mind before you make your purchase and after too. Read on to discover everything you need to know. 


If you talk to a considerable number of hot tub owners, you can bet your bottom dollar that one of the things they moan about is the amount of maintenance that is required to upkeep their unit. This shouldn’t put you off your purchase; it simply indicates that maintenance is something most people overlook during the buying stage, and it is vital that you don’t. 


A hot tub does not need as much maintenance as you may believe, however, it does require a little bit of work to keep it in pristine condition. Firstly, you need to be careful regarding the number of chemicals that are required. A greater number of chemicals is not always the best approach, although some companies will try and convince you that this is the case in order to tempt you into buying more. 


One thing you will need to do is add chlorine to the water, just as you would with any type of pool. This has the purpose of stopping bacteria from growing in the water. You can find quick dissolving chlorine granules, which are ideal for hot tubs. However, don’t simply sprinkle the chlorine in with little consideration. You need to ensure you get the balance right. Thus, once the chlorine has dissolved, you should check the pH. You can find testing kits for this. You need the water to be neutral, i.e. around 7. You should also change the water regularly, i.e. every few months, as well as the filter. Water flow can be constricted if the filter becomes clogged, and this will eventually cause the motor to become damaged.


You should buy a spa that has an ozone generation system, as this will reduce the need for chemicals (not eliminate them) and it will help to kill bacteria. 


Aside from this, filtration is important when buying hot tubs. The filters have the purpose of cleansing the hot tub of hair sprays, lotions, body oils and such like. This can pose a little bit of trouble when it comes to cleaning the hot tub. However, you are advised to stay away from suction side filters in favor of pressurized filters, and the best hot tubs and spas will have filters at the bottom of the hot tub and the top of the water. 


You are also advised to look into back-up power for your hot tub. In fact, this is something you should have at your home at all times, but especially when more power demands are placed on it. AlltimePower has more information on this.


When it comes to drainage, it’s not a case of draining as frequently as possible. Most manufacturers recommend draining your hot tub no more than once every three months.


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