Tips on Improving Your Curb Appeal

Are you tired of the way your home looks on the outside? Perhaps you think your exterior is tired and dull looking – or maybe you just want to make sure that it looks as clean and tidy as possible ready for potential future sales. Improving your curb appeal can be really easy – and here, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know to do it yourself. Read on to learn more:


Why Improve Your Curb Appeal?

Your curb appeal is simply how appealing your home looks at first glance. Whenever you have a new guest over or a potential buyer, your curb appeal will be the first thing they notice. It can encompass many things about your home; the outdoor lighting, how clean your windows are, whether your garden is overrun with weeds, and more. Improving your curb appeal means your home makes a much better first impression – and a first impression is usually made in just a few seconds.

Usually, when a potential buyer has made up their mind about your home, they have done it within the first few seconds, and it’s likely subconscious. This could mean that even if the inside of your home is nice enough, that first impression could have ruined your chances of selling. Making sure you’re happy with your curb appeal ensures your home always makes the best first impression, whether you’re choosing to sell or not. 


How Do You Improve Your Curb Appeal?

How homeowners improve their curb appeal will vary from home to home. However, it’s all about creating a great first impression, so you shouldn’t leave any stone unturned. For example:

  • Power wash your driveway to make it come up clean
  • Wash your car, and even your neighbor’s car (you’re not selling your car, but it can add so much more appeal when showing your home for sale)
  • Wash your windows and doors 
  • Add a new welcome mat and postbox 
  • Install lighting for safety 
  • Add CCTV (security features are always highly sought after) 
  • Paint your front door a brighter color to make it stand out 
  • Wash/paint the outside of your home 


As you can see, improving your curb appeal doesn’t have to be crazy expensive or involve anything too complicated. You could look at getting a new roof with Erie Construction if you feel you need one, but this isn’t always a necessary way to improve your curb appeal. You may find it easier and cheaper to clean out your guttering. 


There are other slightly more expensive changes you can make, too, such as adding solar panels to future proof the home and attract eco conscious buyers. If your grass leaves a lot to be desired, you could even consider replacing it with artificial turf. Artificial turf will look good year round, and requires minimal maintenance! 


Improving your curb appeal is something every seller should do before showing a home – but it’s something you can do to simply give your home a facelift. Leave your own ideas below! 

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