Tips on Making A Difference

There are many steps towards self-actualization, and all of them are quite easy understand. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs articulated the priorities that we all have in the form of a pyramid. At the bottom included food, shelter, water and safety. As the pyramid reached its peak, the needs became perhaps less survival-based, but no less important. For example, feeling connected as part of a social whole, or having a solid amount of self-esteem count as important measures for someone living a healthy and integrated life.


At the very top of the pyramid, perhaps the part the easiest to brush off, is that of feeling self-actualized – to feel as if you’re making a difference. When figuring out which career path or life direction to follow, this can be as good an intention as any to motivate your progress. Thankfully, you needn’t feel that this is only something that the luckiest or most talented of us experience. It’s all found in the decisions you make, and if you make bad decisions, well, you can always start to rescind those and make better choices. Hope is never lost. 


Let us guide you in the direction of self-actualization by considering some worthwhile career paths you may intend to follow:


What Do You Care About?


What do you care about? Without caring, you cannot make a difference, and if you do make a difference, it’s unlikely to be a positive one. This is why no activist, in any capacity, can approximate a worthwhile result unless they’re willing to dedicate themselves to a cause and stand behind it fully. The same goes for professional development. Asking this question of yourself can help you avoid many of the ‘shoulds’ when planning our life, and instead focus on the ‘needs’.


What Is It That Truly Matters?


What truly matters? What causes do you feel are important? Might it be that taking the time to learn more and study for a career as a public administration official, improving civic liability and ensuring processes move forward more smoothly can help you put your mark on a certain industry or ethical role? When you have a higher cause such as this to focus on, you will find that you work in a more direct and considered manner.


How Can You Solve Problems?


What problems are you tired of? Do you wish to influence transparency in a certain field, such as promoting ethics and sustainability in fashion? Might you hope to apply your best efforts towards stopping the efforts of wanton climate change through maintenance measures or spreading awareness? Might it be that you feel no one is speaking up for your community, and that you are uniquely placed to begin that? When we identify a problem it’s one thing, as is spreading awareness of that problem. But it takes real courage to run towards the measures that will help solve those problems in more ways than one. The more you can consider your approach in that direction, the more you’ll be likely to have that positive impact.


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