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Tips on Starting Your E-Commerce Business

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Establishing a virtual store allows you to sell various products to diverse target audiences around the world. Reaching people internationally allows you to increase sales in the business, which can allow you to scale and make it your main source of income. You can work on the road, live in any country you want, just selling things! Not sure how to get started? Read our tips below: 

1. Designing and characterizing a virtual store – the key to profitability.

Design is a very important parameter in building a profitable store website. A virtual store design includes a number of components, chief among them the visual and branding language of the store. The visual language should be clear enough for the surfer to get people to do things like purchase, sign up for a customer club or contact you.

Along with the visual language must come the hierarchical characterization of the categories. Including sub-categories, product display, shopping cart area and more. All of these parameters must be in a user-friendly user-friendly interface.

It should instill confidence in the surfer – one that will make them leave personal details in an online store. The design and characterization of the site should be accompanied by skilled professionals in the field. Those with the best experience and training to build the site. You should look at WEBX360 for more inspiration. 


2. What is the cost of opening an online store?

An online store is not cheap, but also not too expensive. It’s an investment that in the long run can definitely pay off. There is competition between web design companies that allows anyone who wants to build an online store to find quality professionals. Do you research and hunt for the best designer for your needs and budget.

 Apart from the construction itself – the cost of building a sales site consists of several things:


  • Online store branding – Choosing colors and design (if your business no longer has something permanent) for your site. 


  • Media – Building a professional online store requires professional photography of products. Of course it is recommended to hire the services of a professional photographer. They will photograph the professions on a suitable background. Therefore they will not take amateur photos with the mobile phone.


  • Inventory and product management – Setting up a multi-product online store requires order and organization. when it comes to your inventory: which products will go to the site, how many of them? What will be their hierarchy (parent products and son products), some categories, etc. While inventory management will usually be done in-house within the business / company, the working hours of that work should be calculated at the overall cost of setting up the site. 


  • Promotion and marketing – The project does not end once you get a new site, now you have to start marketing the site and promote it. There are several ways to do it and you can promote it in a sponsored way on Facebook or Google, promote it organically in Google search results.  


It is important to remember that such a store should be a flexible product that can be updated, and does not necessarily need all the options. At first, you can just open a relatively basic online store, and when profits come – and they will – continue to develop. The essential elements for a good store as soon as it opens are a fast search engine that will allow each customer to find exactly what they need. An efficient mechanism for bidding and updating inventory and of course secure clearing and immediate purchase indication.


3. What systems can I connect my online store to?

Establishing an online business allows you to connect the store to a wide range of systems, such as an information security system, a credit card clearing and payment system, PayPal, customer club, delivery service, coupons and more.

You will need to connect to promotions, inventory, ZAP, ERP price comparison, and also an option for interfacing to advanced marketing systems, Google and Facebook. So if you also understand that the process of opening an online store is an investment that will pay off for you – you can achieve it if you have the right know-how and positive energy. Now is the time to set up a business, as a traveller or freelancer! 


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