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Tips on Taking Care of Your Hair While Traveling

 Most people will argue that your skin is vital; then, your hair is equally important. Hair care tips are one of the most important things to consider because your hair faces a tough time when you are traveling. 

Many things can damage your hair including dust, salty water, and air conditioners. Certainly, you cannot control the prevailing conditions in the surrounding, but you can prevent your hair from being damaged. The same case applies if you wish to keep short hair. Wahl senior clippers should come in handy to ensure that your hair remains in good shape. Here are several hair tips that might be of help while you are on the go.




When you want to travel, and you decide to wash your hair, you should do it a day before to allow your hair to air-dry. Washing your hair on the day you are traveling will allow dust to stick in your hair, making it dry. Sometimes you might visit the beach, and your hair becomes dirty and sweaty; you are advised to wash it. If you use a hairdryer and you are concerned about the damage it can cause, let your hair dry naturally up to 70% then use the dryer in cooling mode.


Plan with the right products


Do not use just anything on your hair. You can opt for one right product instead of many cheap or free ones. They will eventually damage your hair, so it is high time you stop experimenting. Probably, the products that the hotel provides do not suit your type of hair. Carrying your shampoos and conditioners will also reduce unnecessary wastage. Always use a product that makes your hair healthier.


Choose essential styling accessories


Do not pack all of your stylist tools in your suitcase. Instead of carrying a blow dryer, you can opt for a foldable hairdryer. Also, instead of carrying a full-size hairbrush, you can pack a mini comb or brush. Depending on your destination, some of the styling accessories you can consider are hair ties, bobby pins, hair scarf, and a hart. You can use bobby pins for twisting, pinning, and holding your hair down. Hats can be of help, especially when there is a lot of dust.


Carry dry shampoo


Occasionally, there will be days when you will not be able to wash your hair, or the hotel you are staying in does not provide shampoos or hair conditioners. Try carrying your shampoo in small bottles and, if not possible, use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo uses little time to clean your hair. You spray it over your scalp and let it air dry. It helps to make the extra oil in your scalp to gradually disappear. Baby powder can be an excellent alternative to dry shampoo because it also absorbs the oil from your scalp.




At times you want to let your hair go. Do not let it take too long without combing your hair, especially when you have curly or wavy hair. Curly hair is naturally dry, and leaving it uncombed will make it tangle. Once your hair is in a mess, it is hectic to comb, and sometimes it results in to fall of hair, which will take away the happiness from your face.  

Additionally, always prefer to use wooden combs for your hair. Plastic ones produce static electricity that can make your hair to snap. Wooden combs are also soft on the scalp and aid in oil distribution.

You can learn some new easy hairstyles when at home. Why not experiment? Sometimes you might be heading somewhere hot and humid you can try natural-looking waves by braiding. Even though you are experimenting, you will give your hair a break from styling tools and products.  

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