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Tips on Taking Dope Selfies

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Need tips and tricks to taking the perfect selfie? Look no further!


Happily, some folks are obliging! You can read blogs to see how to remove shine or pick the right angle of light and anything in between. You might even say that we’re presently in a golden age of selfies. People still forget certain things, though. 

1. Backgrounds

There are now sites where you can see all kinds of fails in the selfie sphere, and a big theme here is the background fail. The common thread with these is a lovely picture of a lady in the foreground and something silly happening behind her. 


Some selfies are indeed quite time-sensitive, but it’s better safe than sorry! Paying attention to this while you take the pic is half the job. You should also take a few extra moments to check out your snap before uploading it.

2. Glare is a Problem

A lot of the time, we take context selfies while we’re out and about. It shows our friends and family what a good time we’re having at the beachside taverna, or wherever. The problem comes in when we quickly upload without checking. 


Because you’re often in bright light, you can’t quite see that the image is just a picture of your delicious mojito and a ball of shining light! The sun has made your face look like a shimmering pool of glare, and you didn’t notice before loading it. 

3. Ghosting Away

Another major fail is the ghost-look. This normally happens when you’re in a darkened area, with light coming from somewhere behind you. Firstly, it tends to make a sort of silhouette of you, and then where your face should be, there’s just a uniform blank. 


If you’re especially unlucky, you’ll be the only person in a group that it happens to, which makes it way worse. Everyone else somehow gets good light, but there you are with a horror film trope for a face! 

4. Your Expression

We are now so accustomed to magazines featuring glamor shots of models that we’ve almost forgotten what a normal expression looks like. With all the duck faces, the sultry stares, the longing looks, we seem to have abandoned our own uniqueness. 


It may be time for us to take back our expressions! There’s a definite way we all wear our personalities on a normal display, but we often change it for pics. It might be a nice thought to let the self shine out of your selfies now and then. 


Selfies do a lot of work in our current social media milieu. They keep everyone up to speed with our lives and allow us to present a version of events to others. Keeping folks in the loop in real-time is a good thing, too.


Taking that little minute to check the results can mean the difference between a nice selfie and a regrettable one, though. Just a few major points to inspect, and then it’s all uploaded, and you can get on with that mojito!  


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