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5 Tips To Keep You Safe While Traveling

Planning a trip is incredibly exciting! You’ll probably have plenty of ideas about the kind of activities you want to do and the sites you want to see. While you’re making your plans and getting organized you must also think about safety precautions. Here are a few tips to help you.

1 . Do your research

First things first, it’s important to thoroughly research any destination you’re headed to. Find out which areas are safe, and which are best avoided. Learn about the local customs and any potential problems you could run into. The more you learn beforehand, the easier it is to prepare and stay safe.

2. Safety gadgets & accessories

There are lots of safety gadgets and accessories which can help you to stay safe while traveling. Here are a few options.

Personal Alarm: A personal alarm is a type of electronic device that lets out a loud siren noise when activated. Usually, these alarms are activated with the help of a button, a tag, or by pulling out a key.

Money Belt: Often used by tourists, money belts are like wallets that are strapped to the body, (and concealed underneath the clothing).

Combination Lock: To keep your belongings secure, consider adding a combination lock to your luggage. Losing your possessions when traveling can be a real nightmare, so it’s good to get prepared.

3. Download safety apps

Many apps can help to keep you safe while traveling, here are a few of the best options:

Close Circle: This app works as a ‘virtual bodyguard’, offering security personnel advice, and safety advice. The tool includes features such as location tracking and an SOS button.

Sitata Travel Safe: With the help of this app you can learn about safety hazards around the world whether it’s natural disasters, disease outbreaks, or violent protests. Users can also access a safety ranking for a range of travel locations.

4. Keep in touch

When you’re traveling abroad, it’s vital to tell your family and friends your whereabouts, (this is especially important if you are traveling alone).  If you’re traveling alone, and you’re up to meet traveling buddies take a look at travel Facebook groups or Meetup groups. 

Of course, even when you’re traveling in groups it’s important to think about safety. Group hiking expeditions can be plenty of fun, but you must prepare for emergencies. For instance, it’s a good idea to get CPR and First Aid Certification beforehand. For more information take a look at MyCPR NOW.

5. Read up on travel scams

Learning about the most common travel scams can help you to spot red flags and stay safe. Here are a few to get started:

Overcharging for a cab: Unfortunately, many people end up getting scammed in taxis while they are traveling. It’s best to check how much you should be paying before you get into a cab.

Being told your accommodation is closed: If a taxi driver tells you that your hotel is closed, you’re about to be scammed. In this situation, you need to keep insisting that it’s not closed, and tell the driver to go to the hotel. If they refuse, you should get out and hail another cab.

You’ll want to have lots of fun on your travels, but it’s incredibly important that you take precautions to stay safe. With the right precautions it’s easier to avoid mishaps and enjoy your time away. Following these tips will make your trip a bit more care-free!

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