Try These Stunning Interior Landscape Ideas for Modern Cool


Having a visually arresting and aesthetically pleasing place to call home is high on the agenda of the young and upcoming average American; according to Houzz & Home, millenials spent $26,000 on renovations on average in 2017. What do you spend your money on, though? From minimalistic mini homes in Montreal to concrete sleeping tubes in Shanghai, there’s always something to tickle your fancy. In among the wealth of good ideas there are a few great trends. Implementing even a few details could bring a wave of cool on your apartment. Why not try some?

1. Old school rules.

Some of the finest inspiration to be found in the interior design world takes inspiration of past masters. The Shakers Movement, a colonial era religious sect with national settlements, has found a new lease of life in wooden focused interior designs that have found plenty of legs across the country, including within the modern cityscape of Miami. Indeed, the best designers in Orange County, Portland and even Tokyo have taken inspiration from natural, Americana style woodwork and implemented them into modern apartments.

2. The return of textured surfaces.

The 1960s and 70s saw an explosions of cheaply manufactured, kitsch materials that created the surfaces of many homes. Maximalism was the word of the day – and it’s making a comeback. According to Pinterest curator Larkin Brown, materials like terrazzo are in again. Marble has been making a comeback, and with it comes the synthetic materials associated with it that provide that sense of luxury and, now, a nostalgic twinge of cool.

3. Matte is back.

Minimalism comes in many forms, but it’s most often seen as white and glass. Clutter is the devil, and creating large, open spaces, devoid of much detail but wonderful in their simple design, is the keyword. Flipping it on this head, USA Today have reported on how matte black is the new minimalist design. Taking much of the same designs – a lack of clutter, glass and open spaces – this drastically reduces the visual space, and is very bold.

Finding the next hot design trend often involves looking backwards. Whilst some interior designs fads stay firmly in the past, many others can be brought forward with new techniques to create bold, attractive new environments. With a focus on the cheap, your home can be an interior design showpiece.


Photo by Alexis Chloe.


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