how to turn your garage into a relaxing studio

3 Tips to Turn Your Garage Into Your Relaxing Studio

Whether you want build a creative space or just give yourself somewhere to chill out, many of us are into the idea of incorporating a relaxing studio into our homes. Some of us love the idea of a separate place to work, while others can’t stop dreaming about the yoga studios they’ve seen all over Pinterest. If you have a garage, it can be the ideal backdrop for this space.

Once resigned as junk rooms, the garage is the perfect space to turn into your haven. From a studio standpoint, the floor space and blank canvas couldn’t be more perfect. The trouble is, you can’t just set up in any old garage. You’ll need to tackle the following basic renovations before this is even possible.

1. Shore up the Foundations

Often, garages stumble into foundation problems. That’s primarily because they aren’t designed with living purposes in mind. While your junk might not might not mind a few issues here, you’ll struggle to hold that downward dog on a shifting foundation.

Even if problems like these seem minor at the time of repairs, they aren’t going away. Ignore an issue in those garage foundations, and you could find yourself facing problems (like heavy dampness) causing you to be unable to use your new studio.

Don’t let it happen. Look out for cracks in your garage walls, or uneven floors. And, don’t ignore the evidence that you need to shore up those foundations before anything else!

2. Insulate those Walls

Let’s be real; the issue of temperature is always a pressing concern with garage renovation. Anyone who’s been in their garage during the depth of winter can attest to that. These just aren’t spaces which are meant to keep warm. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you can never be warm in them. All you need to do is insulate those walls. Luckily, this is an easy enough issue to take care of yourself. You needn’t even go all out with complete insulation if you don’t want to. Just insulating vital areas like your garage door could work wonders for keeping that heat in.

3. Feel for the Right Floor

The floor also deserves your attention, especially if you’ll be using this space for something balance-reliant like yoga. The majority of garage floors are concrete based, and uneven at best. These can both unbalance your new purpose, and also undo your insulation efforts.

Your best bet here would be to take time with a floor coating. You can either do this yourself or get professionals on board. With a coating in place, you’d be free to install carpet or laminate flooring, depending on your usage. And, once the flooring is in place, you’re pretty much set to go with your new studio.

Are you planning of turning your garage into your relaxing studio? Let me know in the comments below!

Photo by Manja Vitolic

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