Top Tips To Turn Your Home Into An AirBnB

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Airbnb has become such a huge platform that a lot of people use instead of regular hotel booking websites. As such, there’s an opportunity here for you to make a lot of money by turning your home into an Airbnb property.

If you have two properties, this is a superb idea to earn money from people renting one of them. But, even if you only own one property, there are still ways in which you can make this work for you. 

Today, you’re going to see a few tips that’ll help you turn your home into a profitable Airbnb property:

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1. Rent it out when you’re away

Do you go on holiday quite often throughout the year? Or, are you taking regular business trips on numerous weekends? Perhaps you visit family or a partner and leave your house empty for days on end?

If any of these things are true, you can make money from your home by renting it on Airbnb while you’re away. Even if it’s for a couple of nights, there can always be people looking for a place to stay during a weekend trip!

So, whenever you plan to be away from your home, list it on Airbnb for as many nights as you’re away. One pro tip is to rent large storage units to store some of your valuable possessions while you’re away from your house, so there’s no risk of them being damaged or stolen.

When you return, you’ll have money from the people staying, and can take your things out of storage. 

2. Add Some Essential Amenities

Make your home more attractive on Airbnb by having various amenities that people can use. For example, a washing machine/dryer, dishwasher, coffee machine, etc. Things like these attract people to your place as they get a lot of value for money. You could even invest in your home and add something like a hot tub or big-screen TV to further encourage people to rent it.

Regardless, you want to make your property feel like a great place to stay for however many days someone will stay there. 

3. Play The Airbnb Algorithm Game

Like all websites, Airbnb will have an algorithm that dictates which results get shown when people search for properties. You need to learn what they look for in listings, getting yours to the top of search results. Having a catchy title will really help, as will good descriptions and lots of high-quality photos. 

Setting the right price for your listing also helps – check the average rate in your area and ensure yours falls in at around the same price point. This stops your property from going unnoticed as you set the price too high. If you can play the Airbnb algorithm game well, you’ll get lots of inquiries about your home. 

If you’re looking for a way to boost your income throughout the year, turning your house into an Airbnb is such a brilliant trick. You can still live there as often as you like, it just means that you have money-making opportunities whenever you go away.

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