The 5 Ultimate Apps for Traveling Abroad

Rinda Sutrathada Main Contributor

Maps + ($2.99) If you’re planning to travel to a bunch of locations on foot, Maps+ is the app is the one for you. Before embarking on your adventure (with the assistance of WiFi), Maps + allows you to search and pin several locations on a map, and – if you turn on your Wi-Fi or data first – your location will show up along with the landmarks you are trying to navigate to.

Google Translator Although an internet connection is necessary to use Google Translator, the app is excellent for being able to translate over 70 languages through audio and keyed-in-text. If you’re worried that you’ll be unable to communicate when asking for directions or ordering food, make sure to load up a few key phrases beforehand!

Lonely Planet Travel Guides The Lonely Planet Guides prove to be useful for travelers who need quick and easy recommendations for exploring a new city. Ranging from restaurant reviews, places to go sight-seeing and budget tours – Lonely Planet will save you the time and effort of wandering around aimlessly by immersing you in the entertainment and culture of what makes each city unique. The app does not disappoint, as it will direct you to the top places to visit while you’re on your adventure!

Units Plus Converter Those traveling outside of the States will realize immediately that Americans are the only ones who don’t use the metric system. That being said, the Units Plus application is helpful for solving all of your metric-confusion needs. Within a matter of a few seconds, quickly convert the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit, convert US dollars to Euros or pounds, and decipher between converting grams, ounces and pounds!

Hostelworld The Hostelworld app is user-friendly and helpful for choosing hostels on the go. The app’s simple interface makes it easy for users to look up reviews of each hostel, view photos, and book their reservations easily.

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