Understanding Light and Dark At Home

Day and night, light and darkness, is often underestimated. We tend not to think about when we choose to put lights on or how curtains can make a difference to how we work. We don’t really consider the effects that too much bright light in the evening can have or how a lack of natural light during the day can impact our sleep. 


But, when you start to think about it, light and dark play a huge role in our lives and how we choose to live. With the right set up at home, you will probably find that your mood is better, your sleep pattern is more regular and you will probably feel healthier as a result. 


So how can you manage light and dark in your home?

1. Windows and Blinds

Windows are, obviously, the best way to introduce natural light to your home. If you have a dark building, installing new windows is a very good idea but you must thing carefully about where you will get the most impact for your money and what is architecturally feasible. For example, there’s not much point in adding a window where you don’t get much sunlight! 


If you plan to add more windows to your property, do seriously consider adding roof lights. This is a great way to increase the amount of light you get without impacting your privacy. Roof lights are ideal for living and kitchen areas though they can be problematic for the bedroom as the sunrise is likely to wake you. 


How you shade your windows is also important. Sleeping in a dark room is the best way to get a good nights’ high quality sleep but achieving darkness when you have streetlights nearby or outdoor security can be tough. Installing blinds is an easy fix and Next Day Blinds can offer a quick service too. 

2. Lighting

How you light your house makes a huge difference to the mood you set. Having bright overhead lights on all the time is hardly going to set a party vibe or a romantic mood but equally, relying on smaller lamps won’t do you any good in the kitchen! Being able to lower the lighting as you prepare for bed is also a good option and a sunrise lamp could be a real revolution for you! 


The best option for any house – or indeed any space – is to have a mixture of lighting types so that no matter what you want to do, you can see what you’re doing! In the kitchen, you will need task lighting so that you can see what you are chopping, in which case, installing lighting underneath your upper cabinets could be a great addition. 


There are so many different options for lighting and choosing what to highlight in each room should also play a part in your decision. For example, framing family photos with string lights is a lovely way to add a magical touch to your display. Similarly, putting a neon sign above your barware is a fun way to decorate. But whatever you do, give yourself lots of options! 


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