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5 Ways to Update Your Home’s Exterior

Everyone regularly updates the interior of their home, but few people focus on updating their home’s exterior as well. It typically takes a backseat- mostly because the majority of our time is spent inside- not out front.

This post is a friendly reminder to take a little time to put a little love and attention towards your home’s outside appearance. Here are a few suggestions on how to get started below: 


1. General Maintenance


This might seem like it goes without saying but it can be surprising how many people leave it until it’s too late and end up with an expensive job to replace it all.

If you run an annual maintenance check of the exterior of your home by checking things such as any cracks in foundations, chipped wood, and flaking paint. You can then take steps to repair these, it could save you large bills in the future.


2. Painting


If you are keeping on top of your maintenance painting the exterior of your home can be an easy job. Sometimes your home could do with a completely new lick of paint to keep it looking fresh, clean and well looked after.

Using a company such as JD Hostetter to do it for you could be worthwhile and will leave you with more time to try some of the other projects for getting your exterior updated.


3. Front Door


Your front door is like the first impression of your home. Having a run down, and dirty door can leave people thinking that your home is going to be messy and cluttered.

You could try giving it a clean, repairing any bits that need it and a coat of paint for a budget-friendly fix which will give it a new lease of life. Another option if your door is looking particularly outdated is to buy another one, bear in mind these can sometimes be quite costly.


4. Install Window Boxes


A great way to update the exterior of your home is to install window boxes, they make a great addition and you are able to change the look of them with the different plants each year or season.

What’s even better is, you don’t have to spend a fortune as they can easily be built yourself. Why not try planting herbs in the one under your kitchen window to use during the spring and summer?


5. Get A New Porch Light


This may seem like something that’s really simple but your porch light is one of the first things people will notice when walking up to your home.

If it’s dirty, not working or outdated then it could give off a bad impression. This is something really simple shop with an abundance of options on offer.

If you’re unsure about the installation it’s always best to get a qualified electrical engineer to fit these for you.


Do you have any easy steps you can take to update the exterior of your home? Please share them in the comments section below.


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