UR BEAUTY: We’re Obsessed with Nudestix

Written by Rebecca Carvalho

Welcome to your new favorite makeup line.

Nudestix is one of the most revolutionary “thank God I threw this in my bag because it just saved the day” products that made 2014 such a great year in beauty. With easy-to-use crayons, you can enhance all your features in five minutes or less. The line’s tagline, “go nude, but better,” expresses how subtle Nudestix are, trying to enhance, not hide, our unique features. Founded by Jenny Frankel, and inspired by her daughters Ally and Taylor, this line embraces fresh-faced, natural looks. Whether you’re a makeup pro or a beginner, Nudestix is the new must-have to start using in 2015.

Each product is easy to use thanks to its crayon design. The line includes eye and lip combo sticks, concealer sticks, and eye pencils (with a convenient smudger included at the end). The only thing that isn’t in crayon form is their mascara (duh). With Nudestix, you literally get to draw on your makeup, having complete control of how much or little coverage you desire. All of the products are made with vitamins, antioxidants, and moisturizers, giving you a natural looking glow that so many of us strive for every day.

Nudetix is perfect product for any millennial. It is a multi-purpose item that takes five minutes or less to apply that still gives you a flawless and professional look. Plus it’s made with ingredients that are actually good for your skin? Our dreams have officially been answered. Being that many of us are usually running late or a little behind, a line that’s this convenient can’t be passed up. It also comes in a black box with a built in mirror and sharpener to take your Nudestix on the go.

I was lucky enough to win a Nudestix Instagram contest (@n_stix) a few months ago, where I received their Lip/Cheek Pencil in Soul, a light peachy color. Immediately after trying the product, I fell in love with it. After sweeping it on my cheeks and using it as a liner for my lipstick, I had an effortless, clean look that took me half the time than my usual makeup routine. The product is creamy enough to manage and manipulate but not enough to make a mess.

What I like best about the product is that, since I have such control over how much or how little I put on, I can use it everyday without wearing anything else. I can even use it to glam up a full face of makeup for a more dramatic effect. Going from day to night, and even back to day again, this has been my go-to. I’ve never been one to wear a lot of makeup regularly, and as a firm believer in “less is more,” I knew I was hooked on this product. Since then, I bought their Concealer Pencil, and I can firmly say that it has changed my life (and my dark circles!).

Nudestix can currently be found at Sephora, Urban Outfitters and can be ordered on Beautylish.com. To see all their products, check out their website here.


Rebecca is a recent grad from Iona College in New York who decided to become a writer when her hopes of being a Spice Girl were dashed at a young age. Her love for music thrives, as well as her love for travel, fantasy fiction, and art. Brutal honesty, dark humor, and black coffee are the ways to her heart. Follow her on Twitter/Instagram @RebeccaEstherrr

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