UR Break-Up E.R.: 5 Steps for Moving On (Ladies Edition)

Ugh… another break up, another period of laying in bed recapping what happened and why, while being surrounded by a sea of half-eaten junk food wrappers. We’ve all ridden this gravy train more than once and it never seems to get easier.

Today we’re giving you the remedies to getting out of bed, wiping the tears and crumbs off of your face, and pouncing into your new life like a cat in heat!


STEP 1: Journaling – YES! it sounds like the habit of a teenage girl, but this step is key. Reflecting on what happened, why things fell apart, what you could have done better, and what you should have never put up with unlocks being honest with yourself. NO; he wasn’t a prince. Yes; you did deserve better, but perhaps calling him every hour was a bit too much. Seeing things as they are will refresh your insight making you a stronger person. Grab a fresh pen and a journal and get to it – You’re in bed anyways.

STEP 2: Re-establish your priorities! This is an easy step but at the same time it requires your mindset to be on another level (which is why Step 1 is so important). You’ve just gotten out of a relationship where your life was concentrated on another person. You were buying groceries with him in mind. You were waiting on him to get home at night. You were even waiting on his opinion about an idea you had been sitting on. Well things have changed and this world is ALL about you now!

Step 3: Plan for world DOMINATION – Plan out your days as though they are adventures; coffees shops and book stores are great places to research your next move.

The fundamental part about Break-Ups, we forget, is we grow from them. It’s reclaiming your life after forgetting what it was like to be a bit selfish and focusing on your own desires. Challenge yourself – Blaze out applications to jobs you wanted but didn’t have time for. Plan the trip that’s been on your mind for 6 months. Go to those events he “didn’t feel like going” to. This step will keep you busy and take your mind off the “Break-Up Jet Lag”. Even more beneficial, it jump-starts the pursuit of your own happiness.

STEP 4: Work that BODY – Loving your Body=Self Love. This can come off as alarming but don’t be ashamed; you have a nice body, WORK THAT THANG! Whatever the reason for the break-up your esteem has, in some way, been affected and what better way to get over someone who didn’t appreciate your beautiful curves, skin, and blemishes than to celebrate them?!

This step is completely about appreciation and emitting happiness everytime you pass your reflection. Watch yourself get dressed and pay close attention to your movements. Dance naked in the mirror to your favorite songs, especially the ones that make you feel happy and sexy! Make this a habit and confidence will follow. Smile at yourself as you acknowledge what you have but DO NOT compare – simply dance along to the music as if you’re insane and realize you have all the sexiness that anyone could ever handle.

Step 5: Get physical – working out is a great way to accomplish all of these categories. Exercise stimulates reflection and keeps you busy as you’re making your life all about you! Not to mention it improves parts of your body you’d like to see changes in.

These are 5 steps that can get you out of moping and get you started on a life that is entirely catered to you. Make up reasons to get out of the house and sprint towards opportunities. Remember to be patient with yourself and not to fill your void with pointless endeavors that will only add to your loneliness. The honest truth is, the person who broke your heart no longer matters. Another person will come along who will cherish the stronger & improved you. Love is never lost as long as you cater to self-adoration. The only thing that is important is moving forward, learning, and loving.


Always Keep it Classy Ladies!

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