UR ENTERTAINED: Meet The Shadowboxers

Interviewed by Maija Ehlinger 
The Shadowboxers spoke with TheUrbanRealist about music, life in a band and avoiding the proverbial ‘quarter life crisis.’
When most of their peers were running to the Career Center to map out life in the ‘real world,’ Adam Hoffman, Matt Lipkins and Scott Schwartz, all Atlanta transplants and friends at Emory University, were working together on a different sort of plan for their post-undergraduate years.

The three started playing music and performing together in college, so when graduation rolled around they decided to pursue their musical passion “until (they) couldn’t do it anymore.”

And in a few short years, the founding members of The Shadowboxers – Hoffman (vocals, guitar), Lipkins, (vocals, keyboards), Schwartz (vocals, guitar) – have collaborated to find a sound all their own. While based in Atlanta, The Shadowboxers released their first album of original music, Red Room, in early 2013 with help from a successful Kickstarter campaign and distribution by Vanguard Records.

In an ode to their musical depth, the band also covers artists ranging from Justin Timberlake to Michael Jackson and Crosby Stills Nash to Australia’s Tame Impala in their well-received YouTube cover series.

With their modern sound and strong soulful roots, the young band has found a way to blend individual songwriting perspectives with strong harmonies. In order to round out their sound, The Shadowboxers added members Cole McSween and Carlos Enamorado on drums and bass guitar in 2013.

The Shadowboxers announced this week that they are making the move to Nashville in January, surely ushering in the next big chapter for the band. While they are excited for the move, they say that they will always consider themselves a ‘’band from Atlanta.’

“Our shows have always been a focal point for us,” they explained on the way up to their next tour, which will include stops in Philadelphia, New York and DC. But The Shadowboxers are looking forward to capping off the year in Atlanta at one of their favorite venues, Terminal West. The band ensures that the December 12th show will be fun and upbeat concert for an audience “not to just see a band, but watch a show.”

The Millennial spirit of individuality with collaboration – mixed with a whole lot of fun – is alive and well in these band members. No matter where they travel, The Shadowboxers believe that “as hard as it can be, (doing what you love) pays off.”

As they prepare for their move to Nashville, The Shadowboxers believe that they have been able to avoid any ‘quarter life crises’ that plague twenty-somethings by doing what they love and following their musical passion. And that is an important lesson for all Millennials still trying to map out their own plans.

You can connect with The Shadowboxers – and learn more information about their Terminal West show – at www.theshadowboxers.com.

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