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UR FASHION: 5 Menswear Blogs We Can’t Get Enough Of

It’s said that inspiration can come from anywhere: music, friends, a cafe-lit strokes of genius, but I for one have never come across anything remotely related to a style epiphany while scarfing down lukewarm paninis and hot coffee.

My inspiration has always been a bit more obvious, usually motivated by free shipping minimums online and the perpetual burden of running at least five minutes late at all times. I also have my fair share of fashion bloggers I try to live vicariously through. On any day, I might linger on Song of Style, lusting after every pair of Aimee’s lace-up pumps. I’ll then hop over to Cupcakes & Cashmere and bookmark 3 or 4 of Emily’s D.I.Y. projects I’m absolutely convinced I’ll get around to one day.It’s a pretty female-centric list–which is great–but what about all the dapper dudes of the blogosphere?

Whether you’re looking for yourself, your man, or both, let’s hear it for the boys as we round up five of our sartorial favorites giving us endless style-inspo and traditional womenswear a run for it’s money. Here are 5 Menswear Blogs We Can’t Get Enough Of:

1. He Spoke StyleHe Spoke StyleFrom How To Fold A Pocket Square to classic cocktail recipes, He Spoke Style is the ultimate guide to dressing like a gentleman no matter what the occasion.

2. DapperedDappered

Want to dress like a gentleman without splurging $400 on a money clip, look no further than Dappered for the latest in menswear sales and can’t miss bargains.

3. Upscale HypeUpscale HypeEver wonder what your favorite celebrities and athletes are wearing? From Nike to Margiela nothing is off limits. Not to mention, the site has an entire vertical dedicated solely to the sartorial enigma that is Kanye West.

4. Fruitpunchfruitpunch1If you’re expecting equal parts cleverness, fun, and androgyny, then you’d be right on the money with this one. Blogger Sean Santiago’s offers something a bit out of the way of your classic GQ prototype and we’re always down for a good photo essay on men in skirts.

5. The Art of ManlinessArt of ManlinessThe Art of Manliness is your one stop shop for when it comes to a certain  lifestyle beyond simply menswear. With it’s witty delivery and entertaining articles, learning “How-to Iron Pants” or what to wear for a weekend road trip has never been easier.

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