Photo by Melanie Sutrathada

UR FASHION: 5 Ways to Stay Warm While Still Looking Cool


Photo by ?Melanie Sutrathada
Photo by Melanie Sutrathada

UR FASHION: 5 Ways to Stay Warm While Still Looking Cool

Written By Melanie Sutrathada 

 I’m originally from San Diego, CA so my version of cold is essentially anything below 75 degrees. Yes, the warm sun and beautiful beaches have spoiled me. That’s what happens when you’re born and raised in a city where it’s summer all year long! Living in New York has been a completely different story though. For the first time in my life, I’ve had to deal with snow, freezing winds, and chilly rains. My first fall and winter that I was in New York, I was bundled up in thermals, tights, sweatshirts, massive scarves that wrapped around my face and even a huge down-filled puffer coat. It was not a pretty sight. However, I’ve quickly learned that dropping temperatures are no excuse for shapeless clothes and frumpy fashion. Here are my top five tips for staying warm and stylish this season (and the next).

 1. Invest in a sturdy, flattering and warm coat with fun details.

Maybe a chic cape coat, one with huge brass buttons or even one that’s bright red. Be sure not to pick one up that’s overly trendy so you can wear it year after year. The great thing about a fun coat is that it almost doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath because the jacket can be the star of your outfit. Ladies, look for a thigh-length coat for extra coverage. Gentlemen, invest in a nice leather jacket or a thick peacoat – both are classics and will likely never go out of style.

 2. Layer up and play with different shapes, styles, textures and patterns.

Imagine a plaid flannel unbuttoned over a fun vintage tee with a hint of a lace slip underneath and a chic leather skirt with tights and ankle boots. Now think about a big parka, sweatpants and clunky rain boots. Which one are you more drawn to? This season is a great time to mix and match different pieces like long t-shirts, dresses, blouses, etc. Try pulling out that fun polka dot dress you love to wear during the summer and layering it over a fitted long-sleeve shirt and throwing a knit cardigan over it. Layering thinner pieces together is a lot more chic and interesting than just throwing on a huge sweater. Look for pieces that have a little stretch so they hug your curves instead of covering them up. Thick opaque tights are also essential for transitioning shorts, dresses and skirts in to the colder months.

3. Incorporate color into your wardrobe.

You don’t have to hide in blacks and grays for the season. You can definitely still wear pieces from summer (like your favorite striped shirt) under a few layers. A bold lip is perfect for this too! Imagine an all-white ensemble with a bright red lipstick – so eye-catching and also so easy! A bright bag in orange or a popping turquoise is great for drawing attention and also standing out in a crowd.

4. Have fun with accessories.

Accessories are a great way to brighten up your look without breaking the bank and they’re also a fantastic way to try a trend! For example, try wearing a warm turtleneck sweater with a glamorous statement necklace or add a few fun vintage brooches to the lapel of your coat. These small details make an outfit instantly more fun! Similarly, studded leather gloves or a slouchy beanie are awesome for keeping cozy while still maintaining your sense of style. Scarves are my absolute go-to accessories when it’s chilly out though, especially since they are a quick way to add a little fun (and warmth) to whatever you’re wearing. Throw on a scarf with a great houndstooth pattern, stripes or polka dots right before you head out in to the cold to add a little more personality to your outfit.

5. Look towards shoes that cover your feet.

Flip flops and gladiator sandals (and especially mandals) are a big no-no when it’s snowing or raining outside, so be kind to yourself and invest in different styles of boots or shoes that cover your feet completely and that are rainproof if necessary. Ankle boots with a low heel or tall leather riding boots are perfect for women, while heavier boots are great for men. Make sure to wear thick socks for added warmth.

Just because the temperature is dropping does not mean that your sense of style and love for fashion has to as well. Incorporate a few of the above tips in to your morning regimen and you’ll be on your way through a more fashionable and comfortable season in no time.

How do you stay stylish in cold weather? Share your tips with us on Twitter!

When Melanie is not working on her fashion and lifestyle blog, Lace and Combat Boots, she spends her time working in pr and marketing, trying new recipes in her kitchen, and singing along to the soundtracks of her favorite Broadway musicals. Melanie lives for anything creative and can almost always be bribed by pizza or pink peonies.

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