UR FASHION: The Revival of the One-Piece

Some of us thought this day would never come. Some of us saw it coming from a mile away. Regardless which side you identify with, the truth remains the same: One-piece swimsuits are back.

No longer does wearing a one-piece swimsuit insinuate that you’re extremely self-conscious. Now, if anything, wearing the style can easily construe a sense of body confidence — the fact that you don’t need to show a ton of skin in a bikini in order to feel sexy. And that’s some major progress.

The one-piece revival is agreeing with consumers more than perhaps initially perceived. Fashionistas now have a whole new category of stylish bathing suits to experiment with, and for the women who never did feel comfortable flaunting their tummy in the unforgiving sunlight, they no longer have to feel like outcasts. Women of all ages and sizes are adopting the one-piece trend for a host of different reasons.

One reason for fashion-forward crowd’s acceptance of the trend is the fact that designers are destroying the stigma that one-pieces are only “mom bathing suits.” It used to be a general opinion that one-piece suits were frumpy and not stylish. But not anymore. Fashion designers are putting out some seriously sexy styles that draw in even the avid bikini wearer. What sets modern monokinis from the retro styles we recall from the ‘50s? Well, Elite Daily’s strappy selections are some great examples of updated sex appeal. With unusual cutouts and plunging lace-up V-necks, these one-pieces feel anything but conservative.

Of course, for the women who have been praying for appropriately-designed bathing suits that cover more than half their assets, the one-pieces of today offer a much more flattering and fashionable option. The slew of new styles is a breath of fresh air for women who prefer a little more coverage on the beach. Depending on personal preference, women can choose either one-pieces that cover only the front and look like bikinis from the back, or they can take it back Baywatch-style and wear a sporty one-piece with high leg cutouts, reaching above the hipbones. For a better visual of just how far the styles have come, fashionistas can take a look at the beachwear Lyst offers, which spans all types of styles and designers.

As if one-piece swimsuits couldn’t get any more trendy, even Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models are rocking them on their beach days. No teeny-bikini needed to show off a great body! From Chanel Iman to Iggy Azalea, NY Daily News’ roundup of celebs in monokinis is definitely worth checking out to see who’s adopted the trend. Especially for newbies who haven’t taken the dive and purchased a one-piece yet, there is plenty of inspiration to be had.

Now that the one-piece revival is in full effect, the only difficult part about bathing suit shopping will be deciding how many suits is too many. Hint: The limit does not exist!

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