UR FIT: 4 Fitness Apps Your Body Will Thank You For


UR FIT: 4 Fitness Apps Your Body Will Thank You For

Written by Hope Alyssa 

Did you make the resolution to  get in shape and make a lifestyle change? How’s it going so far? We know how hard it is to stay on track. That’s why we picked the best apps to assist you with your health goals. Everybody needs a little push every now and then. From yoga to abs workouts, we’ve got your fitness app essentials covered! Here are our Top 4 Fitness App Picks:

Pocket Yoga. The convenience of yoga class is now available whenever and wherever you need it to be. With Pocket Yoga it is easier to stay dedicated because the app is on the device/devices you use most. Most importantly, Pocket Yoga is designed with detailed visual and voice instructions plus practices created by skilled yoga instructors.

Nike+Running. Running is the easiest way to stay in shape and lift your mood. For those who appreciate a good mile once a day or if you are starting a new health journey, the Nike+ Running app is perfect for you. With this app you will get everything you need to help you reach your goal from daily run reminders to coaching tips and specific training levels to fit your needs.

Absolute Abs. Absolute Abs is the fix to your muffin top nightmares. This app comes ready with six extreme workouts, six bodyweight circuits, four levels of difficulty and quick yet effective sessions. If you are serious about shedding that excess weight around the mid-section then Absolute Abs is just what you need.

7 Minute Workout. Do you have a free seven minutes in your day? If you do, there is no reason to not have this app. Give yourself a head start to healthy living with the 7 Minute Workout Challenge app. Need specific detailed instruction? Choose from the full video, image, text and audio instructions for each exercise. You can monitor your progress and you never know when you might earn fun awards after all your hard work.

Hope Alyssa  is a 20 something living in Atlanta kinda making her way one day at a time. Follow her food excursions, travels and daily rants at www.foodhopeandlove.com, on Twitter @theradiantrebel and on IG @hope_alyssa__.

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