UR Fit: Stop Making These Fitness Faux Pas

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If you’re starting a new fitness plan, it’s a wonderful thing that you want to regain control of your body. Sadly, most people give up within a few months due to falling into the common pitfalls. So, confirming that your strategy avoids them is essential. Here are some of the fitness faux pas you should know.


1. Missing Out On Enjoyable Foods


Nutrition is the central ingredient in the recipe for good health. However, the concept of starting a diet puts you in the wrong mindset. Essentially, it suggests that it will only be a temporary measure. As such, you will be happy to make major sacrifices for the short-haul. Sadly, they can’t last and most people will fall back into bad habits. Aiming for a sustainable nutrition plan is far healthier. Discovering tasty low-carb foods will be very useful. Perhaps more importantly, you should find a way to incorporate treats into your schedule. Those little rewards can be the motivation needed to stay consistent throughout the week.


2. Working Out In The Wrong Attire


Paying for workout attire when you have old sweats may seem like a waste. On the contrary, they can be the best investment you make. For starters, spending money on new outfits will practically force you to exercise more frequently. After all, you will want to get value for money. Yoga shorts or other dedicated sports clothing impact your look and mindset. Looking good makes you feel good, which can add your confidence in the gym or on the track. Conversely, when you’re embarrassed about appearances, it creates another potential barrier. As well as the right clothes and footwear, you should consider equipment choices. 


3. Ignoring Goals


Your mind is the most powerful tool at your disposal. When you are motivated to work harder, it becomes far easier to see progress. Setting suitable targets is the best way to establish this source of motivation. The best goals are those that encourage you to take accountability. A timed deadline and a trackable goal, such as “I will drop a dress size by October” is better than “I will lose weight”. Signing up for a charity event or other sporting challenge means that the deadline is out of your hands. This forces you to take charge of the situation. When you remove the option to make excuses, it will promote a stronger mindset.


4. Not Having Fun


All exercise is good exercise, but it can be tempting to focus on routines that you think will bring the fastest progress. Consistency is far more important. Turn fitness into a hobby rather than a chore, and you’ll see the best long-term results. Finding a sport you love or getting competitive against friends are great options. Adding a little variety will also keep your mind engaged and body on its toes. Conversely, when you dread the thought of completing the workout, you will start to find excuses for dropping sessions. And once this starts, you are on a slippery slope back to your old ways. Slow progress underpinned by fun is far better. 


And if all else fails, ask someone for some help to get you back on track.

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