UR HEALTHY: 4 Tips for Sticking to Your Summer Diet

Everyone knows it’s incredibly difficult to stay motivated to eat (and drink) right in the summer with all the ice cream trucks, backyard barbecues and frozen margaritas that are so tempting. Not to mention the state of mind we get into when we are on vacation and convince ourselves it’s suddenly okay to just eat anything.

Yes, you worked hard last winter and are still going strong this spring, but you have to stay motivated in the summer too. Here are some tips to help shake temptation and get closer to that bikini bod you have always wanted:

1. Avoid Eating Out.

There are more benefits to cooking your own meals than can be named here. Eating at home can help you consume less calories and harmful preservatives because it’s easier to know what ingredients are going into your food. Also, cooking your own meals typically costs less than eating out, especially when you’re on vacation. That means more money for fun stuff like scuba diving and massages!

2. Forfeit the Fruity.

That strawberry daiquiri looks delicious at the end of the bar, but that’s where it belongs: far away from you. One serving of a typical cocktail mix contains around 50g of sugar (that’s 12 teaspoons!) and that number can skyrocket when the actual fruit is added. To cut down on carbs, sugar, and calories go for drinks with rum or gin. If you absolutely MUST have your fruity frozen drinks (like me) try making them at home with a “skinny” mix found in most grocery and package stores.

3. Work It Out.

One of the best ways I have found to be motivated to eat healthy during the day is by working out early. I’m thinking it’s the guilt I feel for picking up that cookie when I remember the burning my abs just felt that makes me put it right back down. It doesn’t have to be anything long and strenuous in the sweltering heat. Go for a walk before work when it’s still cool and overcast or hit the air-conditioned gym for some cardio to start your day. I can guarantee you will want to eat better throughout the day to ensure all that sweating and wheezing was not in vain.

4. Phone a Friend.

As with any diet you hope to succeed in, it’s always a good idea to have some kind of support system. Getting a partner in on eating healthy with you can create friendly competition and extra motivation to keep going when it is tempting to give up. Get together once every one or two weeks to set goals for yourselves and talk about progress you have made over an ice cold glass of water. Just a little encouragement in those long summer days can go a long way!

Are you continuing or even starting a diet this summer? We want to know your plans and tips you have found to be tried and true! Tweet us or comment below to let us know.

Morgan Blackwell is an Atlanta native currently living in a tiny Gold Rush town with a name you probably couldn’t pronounce. She spends her days watching YouTube videos and thinking about her fabulous life… to come. She likes her coffee black, windows down, and nights long. Make her day and follow her on Twitter @MorganNichole8

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