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UR HEALTHY: 5 Tweaks That Will Change Your Life

For most of us, “healthy living” is a phrase that implies massive change. When we feel inspired to implement healthier habits, it’s human nature to consider all of areas of our lives that need adjustments. Diets have taught us to alter multiple aspects of our eating habits to shed those few extra pounds. We are surrounded by encouragement to change our lives for the better. And while large-scale change can be something to strive for, there are plenty of simple changes to our daily routines that can lead to big, healthy results. Here are 5 simple, healthy life hacks:

1. Lemon Water

Studies have suggested that a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning can improve your metabolism by 30% for the day. So before you get your morning coffee, try squeezing half of a lemon into a full glass of H2O, and let your body go to work. This is a morning habit takes all of a minute to prepare and can be a huge healthy improvement to your routine.

2. Smaller Plates

Mom always said, ” You’re not getting up from this table until you finish everything on your plate.” And it makes sense, right? Wasting food is an irresponsible habit to have. But perhaps, the plate in front of you has a few more calories on it than your body can handle effectively for the day. Try using a smaller plate (a salad plate should work nicely). This way, you can finish all of your food without feeling like you just ate an entire buffalo. And your mind is none the wiser.

3. Work Out First Thing in the Morning

Rather than waiting until the afternoon or evening, try starting your day with a workout routine. Beginning your day with exercise can get your blood flowing and your energy up early. It can also give you a sense of accomplishment knowing that you completed an important daily task.

4. Find an Accountability Partner

It’s easy to sabotage our own personal health. Working out alone can lead to fewer sets completed. Dieting without encouragement can also be a difficult challenge. One way to combat the urge to cut corners is to find an accountability partner. Ask a friend to keep you in check, either by completing the same regiment as you or by consistently checking in. You’ll find yourself taking that extra step consistently with this friendly adjustment.

5. Schedule Meetings Outside

In 2014, both formal and casual meetings take place almost anywhere: coffee shops, bars, restaurants, etc. But why not turn your meeting into a healthy opportunity. Next time you schedule something, plan to meet at a park. Walking and talking can be both healthy and productive. And it does your wallet a little favor as well.

Bonus Tip: It’s all about the Swap

Instead of cutting certain foods out of your diet all together, try swapping your regular favorites for healthier options. Instead of adding whole milk to your shake, try adding soymilk instead. Refrain from putting bacon on your burger, and opt for putting turkey bacon bits on your salad.

Small changes like the ones listed above will be a true game changer when it comes to living a healthier life! For more healthy lifestyle tips check out: or follow their Twitter @LoveMySilk!

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