UR HOME ENVY: This Berlin Apartment is the Epitome of Cool

As someone who works from home, I often wish I had an extra bedroom to turn into my home office. Space at home is one thing I’m sure most of us wish we had more of. That’s why when I read about this artist who had his apartment designed to also double as a art gallery on Dezeen, I had to share it with you. Located in Berlin, Germany and designed by the Swiss studio Raum 404, this 1,400 sq. ft. apartment is the epitome of elegant. Located on the first floor of a building, with four full-height windows, this apartment gets a ton of light. It’s unobstructed by your traditional household items and furniture creating a sense of openness and space.

The kitchen is truly a work of art. The black and grey marble stands out against the white paneling. I also love the hidden black bathroom! The glass shower door adds a touch of mystique to the whole aesthetic. View the apartment in its entirety below.
Photography by Noshe.

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