UR INSPIRED: Getting To Know Sharifa Murdock of Liberty Fairs


Hailing from Brooklyn, Sharifa Murdock is a community leader, philanthropist, and Co-owner of menswear showcase Liberty Fashion & Lifestyle Fairs. Her relationship with the  fashion retail and merchandising industry began early on. It was in high school that she met her mentor, and now business partner, Sam Ben-Avraham, before going on to work for such reputable fashion houses as Louis Vuitton, Donna Karan and Michael Kors.

libertyMurdock and Ben-Avraham eventually went on to become two of the founding members of Project, the industry’s premier contemporary fashion forum. Through their career experiences and industry relationships, the two were soon inspired to service the industry in a new way, and Liberty Fairs was born. At 35, Murdock concentrates on bringing new brands to life by traveling the globe in search of the next generation of covetable menswear.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with the millennial role model and find out exactly what it is that drives her efforts and success as a corporate creative.

TUR: We’re absolutely blown away by Liberty Fairs and the expos you and your team have been able to curate! How did you and Sam [Ben-Avraham] come up with the concept?

SM: It was a team effort. For us, it is and always has been about serving the industry we represent.  They called.. we answered.  There was a void in the market for a show like ours, and it was fun to break the mold and create a passion project.

TUR: From where do you draw your inspiration?

SM: I’m constantly traveling and always on the go.  Whether it’s Milan, Florence, Paris, London, Tokyo or Brooklyn, I’m always looking to the streets for my inspiration.  I think that’s where it always starts.

TUR: Tell us more about the Brooklyn Intern organization that you’ve founded

SM: The Brooklyn Intern is focused on young women and men wanting to get into the fashion industry.  It was always my goal to be a mentor for young people the same way my mentors have been for me.  It means a lot to have guidance from someone wiser than you.

TUR: Any tips for aspiring millennial business owners?

SM: Stay focused, stay hungry – never be complacent.

TUR: What are 5 things you would tell your 20 year old self?

SM: (1) Purchase property in Brooklyn, (2) Date as much as possible, (3) Have fun, (4) Never feel entitled; You have to earn what you get, (5) Hustle!

With so much on her plate, it’s easy to assume that Murdock’s  life must be as chaotic as a three ring circus, but she insists that being exceptionally passionate and focused about what she does is key. For  her, it’s a mix of yoga and meditation. Murdock tells us to stay tuned for what the future will bring. She says “I try to live my life one day at a time, but I also set goals for myself.  In 3 years I see myself focusing on Liberty, as well as some new ventures I have up my sleeve.” We can’t wait.

For more on Liberty Fairs, head to www.LibertyFairs.com. This year’s showcases will take place July 20-22 in the New York City and again August 18-20 in Las Vegas.

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