UR Inspired: Go Green with Bianca Green Art

The incredibly gifted, artistic, & creative Bianca Green

Written by Alanna Renee

A provocateur of prints, Bianca Green is an amazingly gifted artist who has a flare for color and geometric shapes. She has created pieces that not only showcases her talent but also has mass appeal. Her art can be seen on anything from iPad and iPhone cases to throw pillows, duvet covers and mirrors. Ms. Green’s work has most recently been featured on UrbanOutfitters.com and Deny Designs. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Bianca Green through Instagram (IG: @biancagreenart) and was immediately obsessed with her trendy yet quirky designs, with my favorite being the Chevron Flora II .  Below is a preview of some of her art as well as an interview about her how she got started, what the quarter life crisis means to her and her aspirations for the future:

Chevron Flora II iPhone Case

UrbanRealist: How did you get into creating art?
Bianca Green: It came slowly and quietly to me. I took a big risk of leaving everything behind and taking some time off, far away from my reality. Having that much distance to everything that used to be your everyday life, makes you realize thing you didn’t like doing and things you wish you could do. So I did. With a lot of time in my hands, I was inspired to create, doodle, draw, paint and more. That’s how it all started.

UR: What made you decide that art was your passion?
BG: I never made that decision. It was always like that. I was drawing and creating before I was speaking. My whole life I was creative, I just never thought one could turn this into his job and make a living with it. I find myself in this extremely luxurious position to do something I love every day. Being Self-employed means extreme freedom but a lot of work as well.

UR: Did you have any struggles with putting your work out there for all to see?
BG: I didn’t even consider calling doodles art. So I posted my early works without thinking anything. The distance between me and my friends was the reason I started a blog and posted my photos and doodles. My followers and friends were extremely nice to me. They actually motivated me to do more and started to ask for prints to buy. Without them, I would have never thought about selling my artwork. My tumblr was the birthplace for my art. (www.biancagreen.com)


Bianca’s “Queen of Effing Everything” pillow

UR: What inspires you to create art & what does your art have to offer to people?
BG: Anything and everything can inspire you. Life, people, colors, movies, sounds. I don’t pressure myself to create on a regular basis. I do it whenever I feel like, whenever I have an idea or a vision. Right now, I am very much into pattern designs, as I am doing a lot of home decor and fabrics. So that’s where my heart is at right now. People seem to like it and are reacting very positive to the products. They get a huge portion of positive energy and colors with my artwork. I hope it makes them just as happy as they make me!

UR: What is the ultimate goal for your artwork?
BG: I never thought about goals for my artwork. They have brought me so far, opened so many doors, presented so many opportunities, made so many people happy – including myself. That is more than I could ever ask for. I am not the type to make any plans or have specific goals. Let’s see what the universe will gift us with, it’s always a surprise!

UR: TheUrbanRealist focuses on the quarter life crisis, what’s your definition of the quarter-life crisis & do you think you’ve experienced that?
BG: I turned 30 end of last year and I was far from having a crisis. It’s true that in this phase, you start thinking about your life, if you are where you want to be and doing what makes you happy. But you always have the chance to change whatever you don’t like, no matter what age! I tried many different things in life. Jobs and places. Then the universe showed me a path so different from anything I ever wanted to do. And that’s where I am at. But thankfully, I have so many passions and interests, I am sure I will try many other things.

UR: What are 5 things you would tell your 20 year old self?
BG: Eat healthier, stop working so hard, make more time for friends and family, get a bike and stop buying Adidas sneakers.

Bianca Green is a great example of how doing what you love can lead you to finding your passion, sharing it with the world and gaining fulfillment through people’s appreciation of your talents. Her work is as versatile and appealing as she is and I’m sure she is going to be impacting the art scene in a major way. Want to make your friends “go green” by owning some of her work? Here are links to Bianca’s social media sites as well as her society 6 page:
Twitter/IG: @biancagreenart
Society6 page: http://society6.com/beegreen/prints

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