UR INSPIRED: Our Vimeo Vid Pick of the Week

We’re happy to announce our new UR INSPIRED series: Our Vimeo Vid Pick of the Week. Each week, we’ll share a video that is currently inspiring and motivating us! Feel free to share with us videos that inspire you in the comments below. 

Own Your Roll // Roll Your Own from Quarterly Collective on Vimeo.

“Own Your Roll, Roll Your Own” features skateboarding in beautiful and abstract locations, capturing the feeling of freedom and unity that all skateboarders feel. Owning your roll, and rolling your own means it doesn’t matter what or where you’re skating, it just matters that you’re out in the world, rolling, pushing, and living. See the GoldCoast Cut here. We asked our in house videographer Vonte Vendetta why he chose this video as our Vimeo pick of the week- “This is an amazing video that enters with an immediate ear catching piece of music followed by an array of beautiful and scenic slow-motion shots trailing through gorgeous landscapes. The most prominent characteristic of this video is the Voice Over dialogue guiding the viewer through the story, creating the perfect storm of audio, visual, and adventure. The transition between scenic style shooting to a gritty skateboarding vert style is amazing, a complete clash of night and day cinematography that overall created an impressive short film.”

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