UR L.A. GUIDE: 5 Places in L.A. That’ll Make You Feel Like a Local

UR L.A. GUIDE: 5 Places in L.A. That’ll Make You Feel Like a Local

Written by Melissa Flores, L.A. Diaries Contributor  

I’m excited to share our awesome collaboration with L.A.Diaries L.A. Diaries is a collaborative movement that celebrates Los Angeles and makes the city of  L.A. real, small and accessible. Be sure to check out their website and follow them on Instagram for the latest in all things L.A. cool.

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Canter’s Delicatessen
419 North Fairfax Avenue
Maybe it’s the fact that Canter’s has fed the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali, or its proximity to movie studios, or that its regulars include members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers that has sealed Canter’s reputation as one of the most iconic delis in Hollywood, but there is no denying the food is the main draw. This fourth-generation family owned restaurant has been feeding the City of Angels for over 80 years with a menu that includes orange cream milkshakes, scrambled matzo and eggs, award-winning chocolate rugulach and the most epic Monte Cristo sandwich ever. And for all you hungry night owls, it’s open 24 hours making this the tastiest spot for a post revelry unwind.
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Comme Ca
8479 Melrose Avenue
This gorgeous urban brasserie by chef David Myers may be heralded for its food, but their cocktails are equally as impressive. No surprise since their cocktail program is helmed by famed drink maker Sam Ross of Milk & Honey fame (NYC). Hand chipped ice cubes anyone? Their cocktail list is a tribute to the classics with a Comme Ca twist of course. The Enzoni, for example, is an ode to the traditional negroni and made with gin, grapes, campari and lemon; one of my favorites! This cozy chic little bar does get crowded on the weekends but it’s the perfect spot for a classy weekday cocktail.
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Coffee Commissary
801 North Fairfax Avenue
Go for the coffee sourced from boutique West Coast roasters like Sightglass (San Francisco) or Victrola (Seattle) but stay for their home baked goodies and take in the sun on their patio. It’s not all the time a place with excellent coffee delivers on the pastry front and vice versa, but Coffee Commissary, with its two other Los Angeles locations, manages both with flying colors. And while their credo states “in pursuit of the perfect cup,” don’t expect hipper than thou baristas that scoff when you ask what a cortado is. The staff is as lovely as the coffee they serve.
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7428 Melrose Avenue
Calling all you fabulously stylish boys and girls on a budget; so basically everyone. Wasteland is a micro chain of hip consignment shops with its origins in San Francisco and three locations in Los Angeles. The buyers here are fierce so anything you pick off the rack is guaranteed to be spotless and in excellent condition. Whenever I get a compliment on what I’m wearing it’s almost always something I bought at Wasteland. One can easily spend a couple hours (I may or may not have spent three once) looking through their incredible selection of designer, vintage and indie label racks of shoes, accessories, dresses, tops etc. Not to worry gents there are plenty of members only jackets, cool sneakers and vintage tees here for you too!
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 Laurel Park
1343 Laurel Avenue
Let’s face it, L.A. can be HECTIC which is why this little park tucked away between two of some of the busiest streets in L.A. is such a gem. Blink and you might miss it since the “park” is really the grounds of a historic residence built in 1914. Although you can’t go inside the house, you can peek through the windows and imagine what it must have looked like and who lived there. The grounds are dotted with benches, lush greenery and beautiful old trees. Sit down, close your eyes and even if it’s just for a few moments, you can feel like the hustle of the city is miles and miles away.
Day in LA 10Melissa Flores is a Los Angeles native and the social media force behind some of the hottest restaurants in the city. With a resume that spans celebrity chef publicist to farm volunteer, Melissa possesses a unique skill set that gives her a rare versatility in the industry. When she’s not trying to capture that perfect behind the scenes kitchen shot or creating original campaigns for her clients, she’s practicing on her turntables, drinking negronis or taking her nieces and nephew to the movies and buying them ice cream. Check out Melissa’s work here: www.romancandlemedia.com. Be sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter.


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