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UR LIFE: 4 Benefits of Having Roommates

Written by Cicely Rue

Roommates suck! At least that’s what you always hear. Whether if it’s in magazines or a friend’s first hand complaints, the problems are always the same. Someone is always too dirty. Someone is always stealing the other’s clothes, or maybe having too loud fun during the middle of the night with their boyfriend. You rarely here the positive things a roommate can offer and there are a few.

1. It’s cost efficient.
Rent and utilities are split down the middle. If you have a great roommate, you guys even split the food cost. This allows you to have discretionary income that can be put towards your saving or wants. It’s an ideal situation for a college student, a recent college graduate or someone looking to save money.

2. You are rarely bored.
You aren’t alone in your house all the time. You don’t have to leave your house just to get human interaction. The nights you don’t feel like going out can be the nights that you and your roommate have movie night or margarita night. The fun is already in your house. You don’t have to go out to search for it.

3. It teaches you to coexist and be thoughtful of others.
If you are an only child, you may not be used to considering others. You are used to doing everything your way and for your own benefit. It’s hard to put the needs or preferences of others before your own. Having a roommate teaches you how to do this. It helps you develop a sense of concern for someone else other than yourself. Next time you’ll think twice before leaving those dirty plates in the sink overnight.

4. Safety first. 
When living in an apartment by yourself, you may get a little nervous at times. The little noises in the house sometimes make you triple check your locks. Having a roommate can offer comfort. If you ever need help, it’s right down the hallway. Maybe next time you will not be so quick to grab that knife you sometimes keep hidden in awkward places.

There are times that roommates can be a pain in the butt. Everyone’s heard a horror story to prove it, but with a little selflessness and open mind, it’s easy to do. It’s also a great experience. So knock down those walls and begin looking for a roommate today.


Cicely Rue has a degree in University Studies from Oklahoma State University. She currently resides in Manhattan, Kansas. She considers herself to be an Introverted Eccentric with Lackadaisical Clairvoyance. She plans to release her first book The Eye of the Panther in 2015. Until then, you can find her at or on twitter @cicelyrue.


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