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UR REALITY CHECK: 3 Obstacles That Are Keeping You from Change

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UR REALITY CHECK: 3 Obstacles That Are Keeping You from Change

Written by Alanna Gardner, MFT 

Spring is a time for change and whether it’s in your own behaviors or relationships with others, in order for real change to occur you have to allow room for it to happen. This topic of the week is dedicate to moving past 3 obstacles that keep us from allowing change to occur. 

1. Change doesn’t come easy
Whenever we try to change something in our lives, set backs are bound to occur. Recognizing that nothing in life comes easy and that change is challenging will help you cope better with the process of change. Just think: If you’re making changes and meet no resistance, maybe you could challenge yourself more to step out your comfort zone. 

2. Others won’t accept our changes 
As much as we want to change our habits, you will always find someone who won’t support you in your efforts to become better. People who’ve enabled your poor behavior in the past may not understand why you want to change or even go as far as bringing up your past behavior while you try to improve. In the end your journey is your journey, so you can’t expect others to understand your path of improvement. Surround yourself with those who are willing to be supportive and help you make the changes you need to succeed. 

3. Change takes time 
As cliche as it sounds, change takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. You will have set backs, lose some motivation and won’t immediately see results. But if you stay determined, remaining consistent in your change, you’re sure to see results over time. Help stay motivated by keeping a journal of your progress and celebrating your small achievements. It’s always great to see how far you’ve come from who you used to be. 

Alanna Gardner, MFT is a sex and family therapist practicing in Philadelphia. She is also a main contributor to TheUrbanRealist. For more advice and encouragement from Alanna follow her here.

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