UR SAVVY: 5 Tips for Thrifting Like a Pro

Scouring your local Goodwill for nineties era crop tops or a slinky seventies jumpsuit is a task that can be a lot easier said than done, but there’s nothing like walking away with a unique piece that only you could have found. Check out these 5 tips sure to make your next thrifting adventure an absolute success.

1. Map it out

Whether you’re a thrifting novice or a longtime pro, entering a thrift store can be pretty overwhelming experience. Clothes, shoes, housewares- it can be a lot to take in.  Sort through racks-on-racks of sales inventory by taking time to peruse smaller collections like shoes and accessories before moving on to long racks of clothes.

2. Department dive

Snagging unique finds means being open to a whole host of styling possibilities. Men’s racks are THE place to go for band tees and slouchy sweaters and boys’ racks are the sartorial key finding cropped outerwear and quirky tees.

3. Think outside the size

When it comes to sizing tags in thrift shops there is no standard. Based on time periods and clothing labels, what might be marked as a size 4 could just as easily be the same as a size 8. An oversize top could be a T-shirt dress or layering essential waiting to happen.

4. Friends who thrift together stay together

While there are some shops that offer the convenience of a dressing room, many lack the opportunity to try before you buy. The company of a friend can help you sort through those more questionable finds and two sets of fashionable eyes are always better than one.

5. Thrift responsibly

The shelf life on a thrift store find can range anywhere from a few days to years so it can be more than a little tempting to walk away with every item you pick up.Use trends as inspiration and try to scan for interesting prints and timeless cuts to get the most out of finds rather than leaving them to collect dust and dollars.

Have you ever tried any of these tips or have a few of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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