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UR SUCCESS: 3 Ways to Regain Momentum on Your 2014 Goals

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UR SUCCESS: 3 Ways to Regain Momentum on Your 2014 Goals

Written By Alanna Gardner, MFT 

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We’re two months into the new year and a lot of us have already lost steam carrying out goals and new years resolutions (myself included) But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on becoming a better version of you this year. If you’re struggling with following through of your goals, here are three ways to help you regain momentum:

1. Reexamine your intention.

A lot of times we have so many goals we don’t follow through with because our intention isn’t rooted in something meaningful. For example, most of us want to workout more and if you ask why you’ll hear the usual “I wanna look good by summer.” As great as that may be we tend to fall off because it’s not a deep rooted intention compared to “I want to workout more because I don’t want to end up like my other family members who have serious health problems.” You’ll find that the deeper your intention is rooted, the more you’re willing to stay on track.

2. Formulate a working plan.
I know I procrastinate or fall off of executing goals when I don’t have a specific, step by step plan. It’s easy for me to say “I would like to write more so that I can improve my skills and influence others via my writing”, but if I have no specific plan I won’t succeed in achieving my goal. Some questions you can ask yourself while putting together your game plan are 

“How can my large goal be broken down into smaller attainable goals?”or 
“What can I do daily to work towards this goal?” 

No matter what you’re working on, constantly do something daily that will have you working towards your end result. A great way of doing that is to create S.M.A.R.T. goals.  

3. Find ways to be accountable. 
One of the best ways to keep yourself on track to completing goals is to make yourself accountable. Being accountable means you have someone to answer to when you get tired or have a set back on your journey to becoming a new and improved you. If you struggle doing this on your own, there’s plenty of options to help you stay on track. Join a group of people who are pursuing similar goals as you like a running club if your focus is on health. Find a mentor that will touch base with you frequently and help guide you if you’re pursuing professional goals. Something as simple as doing goal oriented activities with friends and family can keep you on track while bonding with your loved ones. Two ways that have personally been effective in achieving my goals is to have both an accountability partner as well as an accountability group. Having people to answer to regarding your goals can dramatically increase your productivity as well as how quickly you achieve your goals.

Even though you’ve stumbled on the way to reaching and achieving goals doesn’t mean you have to stop! It’s natural to have set backs and life will most certainly throw you curve balls. However the way you respond is what makes reaching your goal that much sweeter. I’ve found Julien Gordon’s 2014 New Years Guide tremendously helpful. Even though it’s not new year’s anymore, it has some key things that will keep you going throughout the year: 
If you feel your setbacks have a deeper rooted issue that you need help working through, contact the therapists of Philadelphia MFT for a free consultation to see if personal exploration is what you need to get you over the hump.


Alanna Gardner, MFT is a sex and family therapist practicing in Philadelphia. She is also a main contributor to TheUrbanRealist. For more advice and encouragement from Alanna follow her here.

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