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UR TIPSY: 5 Guilt-Free Cocktails 200 Calories Or Less

It’s so unfair that you can eat salads, pass up chocolate cupcakes, and drink water all day to stay fit but one high-calorie cocktail at the bar with friends can ruin your entire day’s progress. ONE. What’s even worse is you may think what you ordered isn’t that bad, but you could be wrong. As difficult as it is to say, the bottom line is: the less alcohol, the better. Portion control is your best bet for keeping your waistline in check while enjoying your favorite libation. This isn’t meant to beat you up about your 4 margaritas in a row habit. All we’re saying is if you’re the friend who likes to drink vodka straight out of the bottle, no judgment, just refrain for your ass’ sake.

So now that we’ve covered what NOT to drink, here’s what you absolutely CAN drink and do it shamelessly. Here’s our picks for the tastiest cocktails available at 200 calories or less:

1. Cosmopolitan

This classic cocktail is perf! At the bar, ask for more club soda than vodka, add the usual cranberry juice and lime and watch a small amount of calories shake up. Ta-da! You’ve got a 120 calorie Cosmo even Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha would applaud you for.

2. Modified Mojito

One shot of rum runs about 100 calories which is around half of this entire cocktail. Ask for half the simple syrup or forget it altogether, add mint, lime, and soda water and sip shamelessly.

3. Sea Breeze

Like a vodka-cranberry, but add grapefruit juice! The cocktail with 4 oz grapefruit juice, 1.5 oz cranberry juice and a shot of vodka only adds up to 200 calories. Yum!

4. Gin and Tonic

One of the simplest drinks to make translates to also one of the skinniest. This drink with one shot of gin and 3 oz of tonic water will only add 100 calories to your diet.

5. Tequila and Soda

Get the tequila without the margarita! Add club soda and a lime slice to 1 oz of the liquor and you’re looking at a cool and refreshing cocktail around 100 calories. Cheers!

What do you think about these classic cocktails and some with a skinny twist? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweeting us @Theurbanrealist

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