UR WELLREAD: Aisha Zeijpveld’s Stunning Photography

Living in Amsterdam, Aisha Zeijpveld works as freelancer for a variety of commercial magazines, while continuously pursuing her personal work. Zeijpveld’s focus on people their nakedness and vulnerability yet simultaneously their potency and pride characterizes her photography. She aims for the absurd, allowing her photographs to be positioned on the interface of reality and dream-world, while always maintaining their functionality and clarity. (written by Sterre Van Rossem) © All images courtesy of the artist.

Aisha Zeijpveld 6 Aisha Zeijpveld 5 Aisha Zeijpveld 4 Aisha Zeijpveld 3 Aisha Zeijpveld 2 Aisha Zeijpveld 1To view more of Aisha’s work click here.

Via Artchipel.


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