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Using Fashion to Showcase Your Personality

Fashion is something that can mean so many different things, to so many of us. To some of you, fashion is just something you throw on in the morning so you don’t walk out of the house in the clothes you slept in. But for others, it’s a way of being able to express emotions and personality, without having to actually express them.

Plus, we love how quickly the world of fashion is advancing at the minute, with so many new trends on the scene that are bringing back old styles, and mixing it with the modern era that we’re going through. So to all of you who love your fashion already, this probably isn’t going to be the best read for you.

This article is aimed at all of you who feel like you don’t really understand fashion, and you don’t really understand how to throw an outfit together and make it look good. Let alone throwing it together in a way that lets your personality shine through. So, hopefully you will be willing to open your mind to some new ideas, because we’ve definitely got some great ones for you. You just need to be a little more adventurous with what you’re trying!


What Do You Usually Go For?


So the first thing you need to do, is think about the fashion that you usually go for, and pick out what you like about it. Because at the end of the day, you can will for your personality to shine through all you want, but if you don’t actually like the clothes that you would have to wear, then there’s no point in doing it.

You have to be wearing something that you find comfortable, but even if that’s just jeans and a top, there’s still ways of working around that. But at the same time, you have to think whether you’re still wearing the same type of style, just because that’s what you’re used to. We all feel comfortable doing something we’ve been doing for a long time, but as soon as someone tries to get us to do something different, panic most definitely sets in. So in terms of things that you usually go for, and switching it up a little, we’d focus on the small things that you could change. If you’re someone who never really accessorises, then start doing so. Jewelry can make a big difference to an outfit and the way that you feel, especially if you wear it right. This article here can really help you to understand what looks right! It might be that if you’re always wearing trainers, switch to a nice pair of boots if you can find a pair that matches the rest of your style. Boots are so sleek and in right now, and turn a casual outfit into a smart casual one in seconds. Trainers always keep an outfit nice an casual, but sometimes too casual!


How To Show Your Personality


So, if you’ve thought about your own wardrobe for long enough, and you feel like you’re ready to show your own personality a little bit more, then we’ve got some tips for you. Fashion has created some crazy styles this year, but crazy might not be your vibe. So first of all, think about what your personality it. If it’s calm and reserved, you might want to go for the smart casual style. One that you know is going to make you feel comfortable, nothing about it is too bold, but that smart aspect of it really gives you that sassy edge.

But if your personality is one that’s a little bit crazy, then you have more of a scope to be able to express yourself through fashion. Considering it’s summer at the minute, we feel there are plenty of opportunities to get bright and interesting with what you’re wearing, showing the world how bubbly your personality is. Long flowing skirts and crop tops are really in at the minute, so you could go for something like a black long flowing skirt, with a neon green crop top to go with it. This is perfect for any type of summer outing, and we promise that you’ll feel great in it. Considering most of the world is so hot right now, you definitely don’t want to be wearing anything that’s too tight fitting, you’ll only have sweat to deal with. So those are just two examples of fashion types that you could explore, but we might not have touched upon what your personality is. But from what we’ve listed, you should be able to get the general vibe of the clothes that would match how you feel, you just have to go out to the shops and explore it, and see what suits you!


Small Style Steals


Fashion isn’t always about being big and bold, it’s about being practical to help support your lifestyle. Where would us girls be without our handbags and accessories. So, there are some small style steals that we definitely think you should be looking out for, such as goyard card holders and separate coin holders. They’re so much more in fashion at the minute compared to purses, and we just think they look so much cuter than a big clunky purse. Sliders are also a big style steal, especially this summer. Sliders are the perfect comfort shoe for those days where you can’t be bothered to make that much effort, but you need something that isn’t a trainer to go with your outfit. Or, even better, they’re perfect for just wearing around the house, they are definitely super comfortable!


Taking Inspiration

Finally, if you feel like you would still struggle to put an outfit together after reading this article, you need to think about the inspiration you can take from sources out there. People who struggle with fashion rarely actually explore it on the internet. So have a read on magazines, have a look at internet articles, and really get a feel for what’s in fashion at the minute.

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