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3 Reasons to Visit Augusta NOW

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5 Reasons to Visit Augusta NOW

This post was sponsored by Visit Augusta. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Although I’ve lived in Atlanta for the last five years, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve seen very little of the state of Georgia. So when Visit Augusta invited me to come and experience their city, my curiosity was piqued and I immediately said yes. Before leaving for Augusta, I honestly had no clue what my trip was going to be like. I always assumed that outside of Atlanta and Savannah, the rest of Georgia was just small towns and farmland. I knew Augusta was home to the Masters® Golf Tournament, so I also assumed there would be a serious shortage of anyone under the age of 35. Thankfully, upon arriving, I realized I couldn’t have been more wrong and that my preconceived notions were complete trash.

My awesome view of Augusta from The Partridge Inn.

The first thing that shocked me was Augusta’s sheer size. It’s the 3rd largest city in the state of Georgia. The second thing that caught me off guard was the number of young people in the city. With a handful of colleges and universities being located in Augusta, there are Millennials everywhere, creating a youthful sense of energy everywhere we went. Augusta has this perfect balance of being big enough where commerce thrives, but still small enough to where the city invests in its communities. Most American cities struggle to find that balance, but Augusta does it seamlessly.

There are a ton of reasons why you should visit Augusta, but I’ll highlight my top 3 reasons why you should visit this awesome city on your next day trip escape:

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Reason #1: Augusta has a Burgeoning Art Scene

I believe that in order for a city to truly be progressive in a cultural sense, it must actively support its artists and makers. Augusta is one of the few cities that I’ve been to here in the United States, that really gets behind their art scene and supports local artisans. I had the pleasure of attending the Westobou Festival on the night I arrived and it was such an incredible experience. The festival takes place over the course of two weeks and features local and national acts showcasing the best in visual arts, film, dance, entertainment, and music. I was lucky enough to attend Westobou’s opening gala where I was able to see the works of several artists. My favorite pieces at the gala were created by Yuken Teruya. In his Notice-Forest series, he takes luxury shopping bags and turns them into tiny trees.

The next day, I visited the The Morris Museum of Art. The museum is the first in the country that is completely dedicated to art and artists of the American South. The museum features work from Lamar Dodd to Carrie Stubbs and John Baeder. I took a tour with the museum’s Director of Marketing & PR Nicole Mcleoud that was hands down the best art museum tour I’ve ever been on. The Morris Museum of Art needs to be on the top of your list when visiting Augusta.

I also had a chance to check out GHIA. The Gertrude Herbert Institute of the Arts is housed in what was once an Augusta mayor’s mansion built in 1818. Their mission is “To provide opportunities for visual arts education and to develop visual arts awareness and appreciation throughout the greater Augusta community”. The space is vintage and absolutely gorgeous and their current exhibition is eye-catching and thought provoking.

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Reason #2: Augusta has Delicious Eats 

Augusta has a number of great places to eat and drink. We had breakfast at Bodega Ultima which is the only place I’ve been to in the South that serves La Colombe Coffee- needless to say, I bought a bag of coffee to bring back with me. If you’re on the hunt for delicious Mexican food and great margaritas when you’re there, be sure to check out Nacho Mamas. Their nachos are insane! If you want healthy, but savory fare, check out Humanitree House Juice Joint. Their vegan menu is to die for and their space doubles as an art gallery. The Bee’s Knees is a delicious tapas restaurant that also serves out of this world cocktails.

Reason #3: Augusta’s Rich History 

If you’re a history buff, then Augusta is for you! The second oldest city in Georgia, Augusta is full of gorgeous, old homes from another time. The Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History is named after and dedicated to one of Georgia’s most influential educators. The Augusta Museum of History documents a 12,000 year journey of the city’s past, discussing everything from the Georgia Railroad and Banking Company to the legendary James Brown (he grew up in Augusta).

I had a blast in Augusta, and my boyfriend and I are heading there on our next day trip. I’m hoping to check out a few of their thrift stores (if I find any gems, I’ll be sure to share them with you!). The city of Augusta truly offers something for everyone and with it being just a short two hour trip away, you’ve got to check it out!

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A James Brown Mural we spotted on the way to lunch.
visit augusta theurbanrealist
The pool at The Partridge Inn.

visit augusta theurbanrealist

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