Want To Become a Landlord? Here’s How

Placing Your Property With The Perfect Company

If you have purchased a property from a real estate agency for the purpose of letting out, then a letting agency may be just what you have been searching for. But, how do you know which company to use from the plethora that are available? Read on to find out some of the things you should be looking for.


As with most aspects of life clear communication is essential with good letting agents. A company that you would want to work with will be on hand to answer your questions and will provide you with a range of ways of getting in touch with them. Clarity is another aspect to look out for with lettings agencies. They should be able to give you clear and concise answers that you understand, and there should be continuity in their approach to advertising and letting your properties. Honesty is also important. If you have a concern about the letting process, a tenant or your legal obligations you need to know the answers you are given with your best interests at heart, but that they are also the true answers.

Alongside this comes knowledge and experience, particularly of the geography of the area, proposed planning changes and developments that may affect the value of your property. Diligence is just as important. You need to know that the agent you are working with is working for you to help you let your property for the best price and to the right tenant. This includes ensuring that all stages of the tenant application process are completed fully. 


Landlords Rights


Letting agents provide support for landlords looking to let residential properties from studio flats to family homes. Part of this support is ensuring that their rights are protected.


There are a great number of responsibilities on the shoulders of landlords including ensuring that they keep the property in a safe and liveable condition. However, the tenant of any lettings property also has responsibilities and should they not meet these the landlord has certain rights. These rights include the right to take back possession of the property if the agreed rental amount is not paid for a period of 14 days. You can also start the process required to take back possession if your tenant breaches the terms of their tenancy, including the illegal or immoral use of the apartment or house. When a tenant leaves at the end of an agreed term the landlord also has the right to dispose of any of the tenant’s personal belongings or furniture after a set period of time. As well as these rights any letting agents will be able to advice you on your rights with regard to the property while the tenant is in possession of it. This includes having a right to access the property as long as reasonable notice is given, to receive the agreed rental amount on time and to expect the tenant to take care of the property at all times.


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