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Ways to Make Your Home More Aesthetically Pleasing

Making your home aesthetically pleasing can be quite a task! My boyfriend and I moved into this incredible loft at the beginning of December, so I’ve been obsessing (per usual) over interiors. Thanks to the internet you can finds tons of inspiration to make your home look amazing . It’s important to go for something that has a timeless look, to keep your home from looking outdated and old ten years from now. I’m a fan of the big old styled mansions. They always look vintage and welcoming. Then there’s the normal interior designs that suit the normal sized homes. The simplistic yet bold and beautiful ones. Below are ways to add a bit of the modern, clean lines aesthetic to your home. 


1. The Kitchen.

Who doesn’t dream of having an amazing kitchen with the most tech-savvy appliances and accessories? Although we’d all love that being able to afford it is another thing entirely. If you’re trying to update your space, one thing that never goes out of style is dark and bright contrasts. White walls all around, white black or grey counter tops, and black flooring. It looks so modern and classy and is one look that seems to have been plastered all of Instagram and Pinterest this year. The white walls are going to be easy to replicate, but the flooring and counter tops are obviously going to require a bit of a renovation. If you’re unable to replace your flooring, consider a kitchen carpet or rug that will compliment the new walls. 


2. The Bathroom. 

The bathroom is often overlooked, even though we spend more time in there then we realize. It’s the one place where you’ll rush to get ready in the morning and rush to get back to relax in the bath when you’re done for the day. One thing that seems to get rundown quickly is the bathtub. If you know yours is, one that looks so great at the minute is the freestanding tub, always in white. It just looks so good in any bathroom. You can check out some of the variations on websites such as https://www.kardiel.com/Modern-tubs/modern-freestanding-bathtubs.  A few other additions you can put in your bathroom to make it look that little bit more aesthetically pleasing are,  wall shelves (perfect for keeping things such as soaps, candles, and even toothbrush holders out the way) and plants. 


3. The Bedroom.

Space is everything in a bedroom, so you want to try and make sure it as clutter free as possible. Just like with the kitchen, you want to try and keep things as light as possible, so white walls are definitely the one for you. The white and grey color scheme seems to be so popular this year, and really does look aesthetically pleasing. White walls, with a light grey carpet, and white bedding always looks incredible. Furnish the room with a white dressing table and bedside table, and maybe even a few grey pillows and you’ve created that look that everyone is dying to have. Something really cool that was spotted this year is an indoor hammock inside the bedroom. You’re obviously going to need a bit of space, so that idea isn’t for everyone. But it does look awesome and brings such a chilled out vibe to the bedroom. If space doesn’t allow for that, consider floor pillows– they’re cozy and can be easily moved around. It just gives you that little bit of space to chill out so you’re not always in the bed.

So there are just a few ways of making some of the rooms in your house more aesthetically please. If you have any more tips to share please do leave a comment!

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