Ways To Boost Your Home’s Security

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We all know it’s easy to forget to lock the door or close a window behind us before we go to bed – it’s something every homeowner does from time to time! However, home security issues can be rampant even when you do remember to flick the lock to the right, especially if you’ve just moved in or you’re going through a renovation. 

And while people may be in and out all day, you should never feel unsafe in your own home. As such, there’s a lot you can do for your home’s security within just a few hours across an afternoon! Here are a few ways to keep your home safe and sound that won’t take much to get done. 

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Install a Motion Activated Porch Light

A motion-activated light outside your front door, and it’s good to install one outside the back door as well, will do exactly what it says on the tin. If there’s any movement around your house during the evening and night time, the lights will come on and pinpoint what’s going on. Not only does this act as a barebones deterrent for any would-be intruder, but it can also help you (or your dog!) to react to what’s going on during the sleepy hours. 

Head out to your nearest home or DIY store and you should be able to find such lights you can fit yourself. All they need is a connection to a power source and a few screws and you can attach them to your exterior walls. But if you’re not much of a DIY buff you can always call out a friend or relative to help you put them up – it won’t take more than an hour for a job like this! 

Put any Tools Away

If there are tools left on your property after you’ve been doing a bit in the garden, it’s best to get into the habit of putting them away. Many burglars have been able to use such tools to break through gates, fences, doors, and windows, as it’s much easier to just grab something from your house rather than bring a tool of their own in the first place. Indeed, most home break-in reports list tools the home owner kept around as the most common weapons used. 

So don’t make it easier for them – if you use a tool that day, like a hoe or a rake, make sure it’s locked away with a secure padlock once you’re done for the day. And try to never leave anything but the plants and the gravel in the front garden! This is especially important if you keep your car anywhere other than a locked garage – criminals can very easily break the driver side window and get inside to drive it away. 

Head outside right now and see if you’ve left anything laying around; it won’t take you five minutes to put them away again! 

Change the Locks

If you’ve just moved into your home, or you’ve recently misplaced a key to the front or back door, it’s time to call a locksmith out for a new door lock install job. Most locksmiths can work on a moment’s notice, and just need an hour or two to get out and replace the lock with a new one you’ll hold the only copy to. 

If you’re on a budget, getting your locks changed can still be an option for you – most companies charge less than $100 for a callout job. You can then get new copies of that key cut and handed out to your family and rest in the knowledge that your home is more secure than ever. Even if you’re sure the lost key is in the house somewhere, it’s still best to call a locksmith. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Use a Video Doorbell

Video doorbells are a Godsend for home security! When you’ve got a literal camera to record anyone who comes to the door, or even hangs around in the street in front of your house, you can get their face and other identifying details on film. This will also make it much easier to aid the police if any break-ins do happen in your area. 

Video doorbells can once again be bought or ordered from a store local to you, and as long as you’ve got a wifi signal and a phone to hook them up to – they’re a smart home solution, after all. But if you live in an area where internet signal can be spotty at the best of times, you can find video doorbells that have in-built data storage, but this will usually be limited. 

And even if you never experience a break-in while you’ve got a video doorbell installed, they’ll act as a great deterrent for anyone who even thinks about casing your home. Not only that, but whenever a visitor comes to your door, you can immediately take a look and make sure they’re who they say they are. All in all, you can feel a lot safer in your home when you’ve got one of these installed. 

Alarm any Outside Buildings

If you’ve got a shed or a greenhouse in your garden, or any kind of outhouse or exterior storage, it’s a good idea to get them hooked up to an alarm system. Even if a burglar can’t get into your home, if you’ve got other valuables on your property they might be kept elsewhere. And if you’ve forgotten to lock up, or the padlock is easy to cut through, you may not even know something is missing until you go in there again. 

These kinds of exterior alarms come in various types, so do your own research here to see which one would work best for you. For example, if you’re someone who’s always on your phone, you can set up an alarm to send a text message when it detects a break in of any kind. 

Most people also prefer alarms that work with magnetic strips – these are fitted around door locks themselves. If ‘contact’ is broken, the alarm will go off, and seeing as only humans can use handles, you won’t have to worry about animals setting off a false alarm! And if you’re worried about price, shed alarms aren’t all that expensive either; you can pick one up for around $100. 

Plant Some Thorny Bushes

Did you know that a lot of people looking to trespass are put off by difficult plants? If something has thorns or sharp edges, or is too dense to safely move through, anyone trying to break in is much more likely to move on. So if you’ve got some space in your front garden and backyard, plant some bushes that’ll help to repel intruders. 

Sometimes known as ‘defensive plants’, if a burglar thinks they’re going to get hurt simply trying to gain access to a property, they’re going to give up immediately! Cacti, thorn bushes and trees, Fuchsias, Holly, and any ‘Giant’ variant of plant are popular options for these purposes. 

Your home can be an incredibly secure place with just a few changes. Of course, there’s no telling what may happen in the future, but having the ideas above in place will help to keep intruders out and your privacy in. Some may take a bit more effort than others, but you only need an hour or two to accomplish each of them! 

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