ways to celebrate while traveling

Ways to Celebrate While Traveling

Who doesn’t love summer? It’s definitely my favorite time of year! I’ve met so many people during my travels who literally chase the summer all year round- everywhere they go is a warm, hot destination.

If you thrive on the sunshine and you want to keep on traveling to follow the sun, there are some great ways you can still celebrate your birthday, holidays and other events during the summer while traveling.

1. A simple beach party.

If you are celebrating a birthday or you are just looking to have a fun day during the summer, you can arrange a beach party and invite any friends you have made during your travels along.

You can set up a barbecue, get out the deck chairs and enjoy a summer party with the people you love as you dip in and out of the sea. It can be a relaxing and fun day for you and your family and friends!

2. Summer festivals.

The best possible thing you can do when you start to travel is look for any summer festivals which are currently being celebrated.

There are always many festivals on during the summer and you can check on Guest Reservations to see some of the top ones first hand.

Become part of the community this year and enjoy celebrating some of the things which there people enjoy every single year!

3. Take a trip during Christmas.

One of the things which might be a little more difficult for you to miss if you are traveling around the world is Christmas. The idea of spending Christmas away from your family can be hard and it will feel very odd at first.

However, even in a sunny spot you can enjoy celebrating Christmas and everything which comes with it.

Make sure to send Christmas cards and gifts home at the end of November so they get there on time, and you can arrange with your family to have a Skype call where you open your gifts together and talk about your day.

For dinner, a roast might not be ideal in the hot weather so just choose your favorite meal and enjoy it! You can still have a great festive time away from home.

4. A Street Party.

During the summer, and all year round in some places, people have street parties.

If you ever travel to the UK during the summer months you will be able to see some amazing street parties taking place in small villages and village fetes which are ran by local schools to bring the community together.

Have fun joining in on their parties this year and you will be able to feel like you are part of a foreign community even for just the afternoon.

It can be incredibly fun playing fairground games, eating great food and talking to friendly and welcoming people. You will never want to leave once you have come and enjoyed your day!

Photo by Daan Huttinga

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