Ways to Combat Negativity

Depending on where you are in the world, there is every chance that right now winter is fast approaching. The nights are longer, the days are dull, the weather is bitter and you are there in the middle of all of it, feeling useless and sad. There is a lot to be said about the sun disappearing for a few months of the year. Sure, some of the days are cold and crisp with some sunshine, but the lack of warmth and the fun that comes with it can make anyone feel a little depressed. The problem with the colder months is that depression that comes with it. Not clinical depression: that’s a lot more serious, but there is an actual condition called S.A.D – seasonal affective disorder. This means that the lack of sunshine makes you feel low, like hibernating is a good idea. The misery is painful, and the negativity? Well, that makes life feel like it’s under a very blue microscope!


The problem with all of this is that it allows in negativity. When you feel low about one thing, it’s like a house of cards that comes crumbling down. It’s hard to feel positive about anything when one part of life feels so rubbish. Here’s the thing: you can shut out that negativity, and you have to choose to do it. Think about the Law of Attraction: the more positive you are about things, the more you notice positive things happening to you. The reverse is true, too, which is why so many people say “good vibes only”. There is only so much negativity a person can take before it gets too much. You want to remain positive and have a positive outlook on life, right? So, you need to shut out the negativity and live a life that oozes positivity. Let’s take a look at a few tips as to how you can start doing just that.


  • Get yourself a lamp that wakes you like the sun in the morning. In the case of S.A.D, you need to be able to bring a little light into your life, and the best thing to do is to manufacture it when the sky won’t comply with your wishes. As an addition to that, add extra heaters to your home. At least this way, you can pretend you’re on a beach!
  • Start meditating. Meditation is pretty powerful if you embrace it enough. You can start to envision the positive things that you want from life and the more you do it, the more you’ll notice those positive things begin to happen to you. It’s an exciting thing to do!
  • Wake up dancing. Set your Alexa or your alarm to be your favorite song to wake up to, and get the lights on. Shut out the negativity of a quiet, cold and dark morning and wake up boogying the morning routine. Not only will you feel buzzed for the day, the first thing you’ll be doing is smiling!


All of these things to shut out the negativity work if you give them time and attention.

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