Ways to Save Money While Traveling

When it comes to traveling we all want to make sure we get the best price we can help us not only save money but also get more out of the budget you have. It is an outdated notion that traveling is expensive and unattainable for most people. 


Sure, certain experiences require a generous amount of funds to be spent. But that doesn’t apply to everything and everything when it comes to planning your perfect trip. If you’re smart about booking your trip, you can take advantage of many different offers to help you travel for less and enjoy more during your vacation.

So how can you book the holiday or the trip of your dreams for less? Regardless of if you are booking a two-week inclusive vacation or you are traveling around the world on a shoestring budget, there are always ways you can save a few pounds. Not just on the price you pay but also on what you spend during your time away.

In the first instance, you want to be looking at saving up so you can afford to pay for your trip comfortable and have enough funds to do everything you want to do without scrimping.

  • Check your direct debits and cancel any payments you aren’t using.
  • Ask for discounts on any subscriptions or regular payments such as cable tv.
  • Use coupons for your shopping and put away everything you save.
  • Eat out less or only on nights when there are offers on – a great way to get offers is to sign up for emails or install the app on your phone.
  • Be strict with what you are spending and cut out some excess so you can save more money – eg take your own coffee from home rather than buying from a coffee shop.
  • Consider taking on a part-time job to earn more money alongside your regular income.
  • Sell any items you have at home that you don’t need.

Now we have gotten that out of the way we can look at the best ways you can save money when booking your vacation or trip or even during your travels.

Be As Flexible As Possible When Traveling

Flights and even holiday rentals can be cheaper when booked out of season or even on certain days of the week. If you can allow flexibility when you travel, you can be sure to find cheaper prices. Especially when flying.

Go as far as booking flights during the less popular times. Many people want to travel during the day but this means those flight times come with an extra premium and are more expensive. Taking the Red-Eye or early morning flights tend to be less popular thus making them cheaper.

Did you know Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be cheaper to fly? Booking on these days can save you money even more if you are traveling outside of holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas time.

Find Alternative Modes of Transport or Accommodation


Flying is quicker and easier but for a more relaxed way of travelling at your own pace, why not look at hiring a car or an RV.


An RV will afford you a way to travel to your destination(s) and give you somewhere to stay. All you need to do is find somewhere to pitch up.


Alternatively, hiring a car for your trip, or even taking your own, can allow you the opportunity to take a tent with you further cutting your accommodation costs.

Book Direct

Sure there are many discounted travel sites that can help you find excellent prices, but don’t forget to check if you can save further by booking directly with the airline, hotel chain or attraction you are planning on using for or during your trip.


Pre Book Activities Before You Arrive

Everyone wants to experience as much as possible during their trip but leaving it until the last minute or booking on the day can prove to be more expensive. In certain cases you may find last minute offers. but the general rule is that planning ahead and pre-booking will save you money off on the gate prices.

If you plan on visiting major attractions or theme parks you may find the best ticket prices online to help you get more for your money and put the savings towards something else during your trip. 

Another great tip is to look for free activities you can do during your trip. Search online for events in the local area, or ask the locals when you get there what they have going on. This is great if you are staying locally and not in a hotel or resort. it means you can get out and about and fully immerse yourself into the local community easier to experience all you can at your own pace.


Plan A Slightly Longer Trip.

As odd as it sounds, booking one night somewhere is likely to mean you are paying more for your stay. If you are just traveling through and planning a quick stop, it may be worth your while extending your stay over a longer period than one night. Use sites such as Booking.com to help you find the best deals.

A great tips, if you can is to look at straying from a Sunday. A large portion of visitors tend to visit places over the weekend and leave on a Sunday. Booking your stay from a Sunday night could bag you an extra bargain.

Book an Apartment or a House

If you are staying somewhere for a while or as a big group, the cheaper option tends to be booking an apartment. Sites such as Airbnb offer a home from home accommodation which can work out less than staying at a hotel. This is particularly useful for families as you can enjoy a more relaxed environment and comfortable base for everyone.

Another attractive quality of booking an apartment is that you can take advantage of all the extra space and kitchen you can prepare meals in. This is perfect for those looking to save money on food during their trip.

Use Coupons and Discounts

Put the wheels in motion before you even leave and sign up to newsletters for various attractions, restaurants etc. Check out social media pages to see if they are running any offers or special discounts so you can plan your visit.

Look for discounted rates for families, coupons to get extra savings from till receipts or flyers or directly on the website. If you are visiting multiple places, see if you can buy a combi ticket that allows you access for more than one place on the same ticket. This will save you a lot of money compared to booking everything individually.



If you are heading out exploring for the day, take a packed lunch with you or even snacks to keep you going. This will help you stay away from purchasing food whilst you are out and about and will stop you from wasting money. 

The same goes for drinks. Take a refillable bottle out with you to help you stay hydrated. Check out of the area you are staying in offers free water refills in local stores or public buildings.


Live Locally

The best way to save money and get a more authentic experience is to stay locally, shop locally, travel as a local would and dine in local restaurants.

Staying away from the more tourist-centric areas can help you save on your day to day expenses. It is well known that prices can be increased in tourist hot spots. So look at staying further afield and traveling via public transport or hiring a car for your trip.

When it comes to shopping scout out any markets, street food vendors and local recommendations to avoid paying over the odds for food and essentials.

There are many different ways you can save money not only to pay for your trip but also when it comes to expenses you need to budget for. Creating and sticking to a budget will help you to keep costs down but finding different ways to save money during your trip can help you stick to your budget.

Did you know most restaurants offer lower prices at lunchtimes for pretty much the same menu? It may be worth considering having a larger lunch later in the day and a smaller snack in the evening.

Doing your homework and being savvy can mean you can still have the trip of your dreams without compromising on anything whilst you are away. After all, you want it fun without worrying about how much money you are spending.


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