the cost of staying fit

What Does it Cost to Stay Fit & Healthy?

In 2019, what does it really cost to stay fit and healthy?

If you’re like me, you’ve downloaded all the apps to keep you on track with your fitness journey, you invest in all different kinds of exercise, and you know everything that goes into your body and how good it is for you. And little by little, you’re watching more and more money file out of your account as you do your best to keep your body in shape.

But making sure you’re both fit and healthy can be a bit expensive, and you’ve got quite a few things to consider along the way. So with that in mind, here’s just a couple of questions to ask yourself about the cost of being your ‘best self’.

Is Healthy Food More Expensive?

Healthy food is often cited as being more expensive than its junk counterpart, and there are some truth to these claims. But more often than not, it’s the accessibility to these healthy foods that makes them hard to get a hold of, not because they might cost a little bit more.

After all, when you’ve had a long and hard day at work, and you’ve just picked up the kids and you’re trying to get the household altogether, there’s a good chance you don’t feel like cooking a meal packed with the five fruit and veg needed per day. You’re more likely to order something in, or to throw a ready meal in the microwave. And you can quickly fall into the habit of a routine like this.

To make sure your food isn’t costing you an arm and a leg (ordering Uber Eats and DoorDash adds up), be sure to shop at least once a week and MEAL PREP. Prepping most of your meals on one day a week takes a couple of hours, but your stomach and your wallet will thank you!

What About that Gym Membership?

Gyms can be expensive places to sign up to, and only going once or twice per week (or month, oops) can make the investment simply not worth it. With the average gym goer having to fork out $50 per month for their use of a specialist environment, which can add up to almost $1000 per year, it’s definitely not a cost effective solution for most of us.

So how do you save on costs? Consider using apps that allow you to workout outdoors or in your home. I personally love this app called Gixo- it allows me to join live fitness classes right from my phone!

Think About the Potential Injuries

If you get injured while trying to exercise, or you’re knocked over while out running, or you slip on a wet floor while at the gym, you can easily tear your muscles and pop your ligaments all at once.

And if the injury is serious enough for you to call out for a personal injury lawyer, then you’re going to potentially lose thousands that were once snug in your bank account. And that can include your sudden inability to keep on working, meaning a loss of a renewable income as well.

Avoiding injury costs is easy- make sure you have proper form when you’re doing your reps, and by all means be mindful of your surroundings when working out.

Staying fit and healthy can be very expensive, but taking these measures will ensure you spend a lot less.

Photo by Ella Olsson 

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