Why Road Trips Rule

You read about them all the time but road trips really can be a holiday that ticks all the right boxes. There are so many reasons to love not vacationing abroad and in this blog we’re going to give you some road trip highlights that will persuade you to put away your passport and enjoy the delights of a home grown journey across the country.


1. Home Comforts

Can’t sleep without your favorite duvet? It’s there with you all the way. Couple that with your favorite facial products, no more 100ml airport limitations, and you have one great reason why a road trip is going to work out just fine.

The only limit on what you bring is the size of the trunk and with rooftop store boxes, even that isn’t a problem. Pack what you need and don’t worry about weight allowance and x ray machines. 


2. Max Out

When we said road trip we didn’t necessarily mean in your own car. Really, what were you thinking? When you want to travel in style and comfort, we’re talking about an RV that has everything on board to make your journey as comfortable as possible, from double beds to showers you’ll just need to find some metal rv covers on the road to keep your luxury vehicle safe and dry.


Be careful when factoring in the cost, these machines can eat up fuel but this is a trip of a lifetime and remember what you’re saving in airfares and airport taxes and car hire.


3. Every Day An Adventure

Imagine pulling into a stopping site late at night and waking up to a beautiful sunrise and a stunning mountain lake. This is exactly the sort of experience you can expect to have on a road trip when you’re venturing into new territory and taking each day as it comes.

You just don’t know what lies around the next bend. Expect to see some beautiful scenery, some animals you’ve never seen before and share those moments with fellow travelers.


4. You Call The Shots

Love a place and want to stay an extra day? Done. Tired out from driving and need to rest? Done. You dictate the pace of your trip and when you need to stop, stop.


On a road trip you’re in charge of your own destiny. You’re not being pushed into going on tours you don’t want to or mingling with hotel guests who drive you crazy, this is all on your terms.


Who can say they really know much about their own country? Sometimes the very best adventures can take place on your own doorstep and that’s why road trips are so great. If you’re not up for driving with friends, how about renting a ride that comes with a driver? You could travel to Corpus Christi by bus


It all takes place when and where you say and with a group this can be even more fun. Get the family or a bunch of friends together, hire an RV and hit the road. Keep an open mind and you never know where one road is going to lead you. Switch off the sat nav and follow your nose on to adventures and more.



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